Monday, October 31, 2016

A Very Popular "Endorsement with Reservation"

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Background Information
     The Delegates attending 80-20's Endorsement Convention decided to endorse Hillary Clinton with reservation. We thought that it would be a very unpopular decision, because neither Hillary fans nor Donald fans will be pleased with the above decision.     
    Surprise! It turns out to be very popular with our supporters. It shows that Asian Ams have become politically aware that using the principle of
      Reward those politicians who share our concerns. Punish those who don't.

is the only way to EMPOWER ourselves.

      Most of our supporters apparently understand that Hillary Clinton has made some good promises to us in writing, but not enough. Therefore, endorse with reservation is the right choice. In comparison, Donald Trump has not promised AsAms anything in writing.     
                               Unsolicited Support Poured In
     On account of limited space, I apologize for not able to include many very eloquent supportive letters.
(1) From:

Subject: Re: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation
      "Right choice"

(2) From: Jack Zhao <>

Subject: Re: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation

      Very good decision!"
(3) From: Li Tian

Subject: Re: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation

      "Good move! Thank you! (:- "

(4) From:  This person forwarding 80-20's endorsement

      e-newsletterto 27 of his friends and requested:

   "Please support the candidate 80-20 recommended.  Thanks.  S. Liang"

NOTE added by S. B. Woo :   Many others have done that.


From: Robert Chen <>

Subject: Re: One simple conversation
    NOTE added by S. B. Woo: This person wrote a letter to DNC (Dem. National Comm) explaining the mistake that the Dem. Party is making in supporting "race preference" admission policy which is one big reason that 80-20 only endorse Hillary with reservation.
"Hello, Democratic Party:
In last election, we voted for Obama because President Obama answered all questions from 80-20.  Besides donation, I even volunteered my time to support your campaign 4 years ago.  We received our mail ballots weeks ago in Florida and have been waiting for the words from 80-20. Now the words from 80-20 is "endorsement, with reservation, of Secretary Hillary Clinton for President." Since it is endorsement with reservation, we decide to vote Gary Johnson for President.  As for Senator and Representative, this time my family will vote for all Republicans. The reason for this is that Democratic party has record to support the college admission race discrimination against Asians.

Robert Chen's Family"
(6) From: eric zhang <>

 Subject: Re: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation

"Dear Dr Woo,
I am very disappointed that the EC endorsed Clinton.  But I will vote according to this 80-20 decision.  . . . . .  Eric Zhang"
NOTE added by S. B. Woo:  Unity is power.  80-20 has clout.  No wonder one Delegate asked during the EC, "What if Hillary now tells you that she will call the EC?"  I answered, "80-20 may then reconvene EC."  :-) I am not counting on it. 

 (7) From: Paul Jiang    
Dear S.B.,  Just heard the great news of 80-20's endorsement decision. Even though I was not part of the EC process, this decision certainly speaks for me, and I am sure for the vast majority of the AsAms as well! Thanks for your leadership!  With best wishes,   Paul J. 
(8) From: Con Lam <>

Subject: Re: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation
    "Thank you very much for all of your passions and commitments for the Asian Americans Community, Mr. Woo.  More often than not, I do not agree with you and/or 80-20 views and suggestions.  Nevertheless, I still believe that Asian American Community benefits greatly form yours and 80-20's wonderful works.
     I have always tried to align with the suggestions and directions from 80-20 since the founding of the organization, but I still have not been able to convince myself to do that.  If you do not mind, I have a few suggestions that might help some of the Asian American voters like me to support 80-20 in the future. . . . . . .
     I have been a 80-20 follower since its inception.  Generally, it is for these reasons that I cannot convince myself to support the suggestions from 80-20.
    I look forward to being able to support 80-20's agenda & recommendations in the future.
                           Accusation from A Few Trump Supporters

     A few Trump supporters emailed me saying "Shame on you."   One accused me of selling AsAm interests for my personal political gain.   I suppose that this person didn't know that I have the following public statement: 
  • · Woo announced in 1999, "For the rest of my life, I shall not run for public offices; shall not accept any Federal government appointment; and shall be registered as an Independent." 
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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

To know more about 80-20, view these videos :  (Ignore the last 35 secs.  The CA primary is over.  An EC is to decide whether to endorse Trump or Clinton.) (Ignore the appeal for funds.  SELF has succeeded.)