Thursday, November 10, 2016

Clinton would be the President, with 80-20's full endorsement

 The Price Hillary Paid by NOT Working with 80-20
      Sec. Clinton was not willing to spend 10 minutes visiting with 80-20's Endorsement Convention (EC) to request our support.  As a result, 80-20 endorsed her with reservation.  Why?  To punish her.
     Consequence? In 2004 when 80-20 endorsed Senator John Kerry with reservation, the winning margin shrank to +9, and the candidate lost. This time the margin shrank from + 47 to +36, and HC lost. See the table below.

Asian American's Growing Bloc Vote
In Presidential Elections Led by 80-20
(All data provided by the New York Times.)

to Dem.
1992 (no 80-20 Initiative yet)
W. Clinton 
 Bush, Sr. 
- 24 points
1996 (no 80-20 initiative yet)
W. Clinton
- 5 points

80-20 was born in 1998 It was created to counter unfair treatment of Asian Ams. by both political parties and the national media during the "Asian Gate."
2000 (endorsed by 80-20)
Bush, Jr.
  + 13 points
2004 (endorsed  with reservation)
J. Kerry
Bush, Jr.
   +  9 points
2008 (endorsed by 80-20)
   +  37 points
2012 (endorsed  by
80-20 )
   +  47 points
2016 (endorsed  with reservation)
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
   +  36 points
HC would be President had she received 80-20's full endorsement. Read the proof below.
     80-20 took a large poll in August, 2016 which many of you participated in. From that poll, we were certain we could deliver an AsAm bloc vote of 80% to 20% for HC, if she would have attended our EC and asked for our support. But she didn't want to come.  So we punished her by delaying our EC for about 2.5 months & even then only endorsed her with reservation.
        A Concrete Example of How the AsAm community could have flipped the outcome in Michigan and helped HC become the next President
    (A) The election result in MI :  
Trump: 2,275,770 (47.61%)           Clinton: 2,261,153 (47.31%)     Trump's winning margin in votes is 14,617, while the total number of votes cast in MI is 4,779,481. Hillary lost Michigan's 16 electoral votes.
    (B) What would have happened, if 80-20 had given its full endorsement
    The AsAm population in MI is 1.8%.  1.8% of the total MI vote = 0.018 x 4,779,481= 86,030 AsAm voters
      Those AsAms voters voted 65 to 29 in favor of HC.  The winning margin provided by AsAm voters was [(65 - 29)% x 86,030] = 30,971 votes. However, if they would have voted 80% to 20%, the winning margin would have been  [(80 - 20)% x 86,030) =51,618 votes.
      The difference would be (51,618 - 30,971) = 20,647 more votes for HC. This would also have given Trump 20,647 less votes.  (Think to understand this step please.).
      As a result, 
Trump:  (2,275,770  - 20,647) = 2,255,123  (47.16%)                  
Clinton: (2,261,153 20,647) = 2,281,800  (47.76%)
      That is, HC would have won MI's 16 electoral vote has 80-20 endorsed HC fully and started campaigning for her in August.   
    Similarly, the election result of Wisconsin, having 2.7% AsAms in its population and with 10 electoral votes; Pennsylvania, having 3.2% AsAms in its population and with 20 electoral votes could have been flipped by 80-20's bloc vote. Altogether, 80-20 could flip (16+10+20) = 46 electoral votes.
     Support President-elect Trump Now. Let's Hope that He'll Help us Win EQUAL Citizenship.
    The election is over.  For the good of the U.S., we wish Pres. Trump good luck. We hope that he'll appoint Supreme Court Justices who will stop the the elite colleges from discriminating against AsAm college applicants.
    4 years will pass quickly.  Indeed, in two years, both major political parties will begin preparing for the 2020 presidential election.  When 80-20 can show with mathematics how its endorsement could have changed the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.   We will have clout. 
     Finally, 80-20 would like to humbly appeal to those AsAms who supported presidential candidates in 2016, without asking them to help back.  Next time, do ask for the sake of yourself and your children!  We've not won EQUAL opportunity yet.
S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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