Monday, November 14, 2016

More Than Ever Before, You May Need 80-20

Empower Yourselves Now, Before It Is too Late
                         Donald Trump and Us
     IF Donald Trump is as bad as some think he is:
xenophobic (fear of foreigners),
anti-immigrant (much less green cards issued in the next 4 years), and
protectionist (very high tariff to limit imports from China and other parts of Asia),
then we may all need 80-20 more than ever before.

     Let's see politics from Trump's perspective:  He was elected by whites, while minorities largely opposed him.  He won by a big margin in electoral votes. So to ensure his success for the next 4 years and his re-election, he doesn't need to court minorities, he only needs to consolidate his white base.  That could mean tough times for us. 
    However, Donald Trump also said, "I will be president for all Americans."  I would like to believe him.  I also think we need to buy additional insurance.  The best way to protect ourselves is self-empowerment. 
      80-20 is not just saying "buy additional insurance", we are doing it.  80-20 is actively organizing a loose coalition of all national organizations in all components of the AsAm community.  It is called Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC). 80-20 is NOT the leader, but is proud to be a leading worker in forming the coalition.   
     So please consider joining those AsAm organizations which will fight for us. If you think 80-20 is the best, then click here to join 80-20. Your $35 or $50 will go a long way to build a stronger 80-20 and most important of all - a stronger us.  
                      Many asked 80-20 this question:
Q: Why did you show that HC would have won Michigan, if 80-20 would have endorsed her fully?  Is 80-20 glorifying itself?  
A:  NO!   In America, a minority must show the ability to CHANGE the outcome of an important election, in order to get attention from both major parties.  So 80-20 seized the opportunity of the past election to show that AsAms could have flipped Michigan.  By making this latent ability well-known, we EMPOWER ourselves. 
                                          Click here to join 80-20.
S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

To know more about 80-20, view these videos : (Ignore the CA Dem. primary part. Hillary won.) (Ignore the appeal for funds. SELF has succeeded.)
80-20 Mission Statement