Monday, October 03, 2016

Seize the Golden Opportunity. Don't Vote yet.

Seize the Golden Opportunity Now

To the best of our knowledge, using Hillary's Speech Archive on her website, of 
the 397 speeches she gave from January to July this year, only 1 was 
to Asian Americans -- a 30 minute speech to the group AAPI for Hillary 
in San Gabriel, CA.  We are 4.6% of the voters, but we only got 0.25% of her 
time.  Indeed, it was to a group that already endorsed her.  Don't let her
belittle us.  
Many voters sense that she has a sense of entitlement. 
Donald Trump?  Probably worse.  

So hold on to your vote.  Let 80-20 work with them to get you the GOLD.

Seize the Golden Opportunity of A Presidential Election.
Let's Get Something for Our Votes!

Q1:  Will 80-20 Endorse a presidential candidate this Year?
A:    Not sure.  80-20 helps a presidential candidate to win only if the candidate is willing to help AsAms in sufficient measure.  This year none seems eager to help.  So don't help either yet, especially AsAms in battleground states. Look to 80-20 to work on them, since no one else has ever dared.

Q2:  Are you saying that neither candidate has done enough for us?
A:    Yes.  Sec. Clinton has answered our questionnaire. However, they were not straightforward YES answers, as were the ones answered by Pres. Obama.  We want more commitments from her.  Trump hasn't even answered our questionnaire yet. 

Q3:  What more do you want Sec. Clinton to commit?
A:   We want her to help set a historic precedent.  Sec. Clinton went to many black churches, Jewish and Hispanic gatherings, union meetings, feminist conventions, and LBGT events.  She went to "AAPI for Hillary," but they were already committed to Hillary without asking for Hillary to help us in return.  80-20 fights for you!

   We have invited both Clinton and Trump to come to 80-20's Endorsement Convention (EC), and ASK for our vote.  Neither has replied yet.   So don't vote for either yet.

Q4:  Why be so insistent?
A:  Every presidential election is a golden opportunity for new immigrants to induce the next president to commit to helping them advance towards equal citizenship.  That was how the Irish, Polish, Italians and Jewish gained their equality.  The road to equity is never easy.  It is one hard fought step followed by another.

Q5:  So, who is to decide if there will be an endorsement in 2016?
A:   It is a 2-step process.  First, PAC's Executive Committee, composed of the 4 officers of 80-20 PAC - all tough fighters, decides when to convene the EC. Second, once convened, the Delegates, who were elected by PAC members, vote and decide whom to endorse.  

Q6: Are you implying that there could be no EC in 2016?
A:  No.  PAC bylaws require that there be an EC.  

Q7:  If so, when?
A:  It could be as late as 1 day before the election, on Nov. 7.  

Q7: Why?
A: The later the date of the EC, the less 80-20 can do to help the endorsed candidate.  In essence, 80-20 will NEVER deliver a bloc vote to any presidential candidate who is NOT willing to sufficiently help AsAms in return.  We'll let time bring pressure to work on the two candidates.  80-20 is uniquely responsible to YOU.

Q:  Can ordinary AsAms help break this apparent impasse? 
A:  Yes.  You will be the best help.  If every one of you tells every Clinton or Trump campaign worker in your city to go tell his/her boss to go to 80-20's Endorsement Convention to ask for the AsAm vote, both candidates will come.  

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

To know more about 80-20, view these videos :  (Ignore the last 35 secs.  The CA primary is over. An EC is to decide whether to endorse Trump or Clinton.) (Ignore the appeal for funds.  SELF has succeeded.)