Thursday, October 27, 2016

An interesting Endorsement related episode

Innovative Dedication

Have you received emails from Sec. Clinton's campaign asking you to give $1 or more?

      Here is an interesting episode that happened just today. One of our Endorsement Convention (EC) Delegates received such an email. He replied


      I will contribute $500 if Ms. Clinton is to call into 80-20 PAC's Endorsement Convention, to be held on Saturday, 10/29.

      city, state"

     I was copied in on this correspondence and that's how I found out. :-)

     Wow, was I impressed! What dedication, shown by this noble Delegate, to advance the interests of Asian Ams! He understands that if AsAms can't get attention from a politician during election time, then we are not likely to get it AFTER the election.

    As you know, 80-20 invited Sec. Clinton to call in to our EC and ask for our support. 80-20 did it because Hillary Clinton has hardly spent any time asking for AsAm support. We want to find out if the lack of attention was accidental or if that is how she views the importance of AsAm voters.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

To know more about 80-20, view these videos : (Ignore the last 35 secs. The CA primary is over. An EC is to decide whether to endorse Trump or Clinton.) (Ignore the appeal for funds. SELF has succeeded.)
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