Monday, September 12, 2016

80-20 Delays Its Endorsement & Great News



     Harvard was ordered by court to release six years of admissions data.  The 
lawsuit was brought by Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), supported by Ed Blum.  Just a few days ago, 80-20 Educational Foundation donated $5,000 to SFFA.   80-20 fights for the AsAm community the smart and effective way.  YOU may also want to consider donating to SFFA.

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            The Real Purpose of our Endorsement Convention (EC)

    What do you think is the real purpose of 80-20's EC?   (1) or (2)?

(1) To endorse either Clinton or Trump?
(2) To advance AsAms' rightful interests by creating a win-win situation for
      either Clinton or Trump and for the endorsed candidate to help AsAms win?

Correct Answer: (2).  

    Next, you'll quickly understand why 80-20's EC may be delayed, perhaps

    An Advantage 
of an Electronic
 -- it can Be Delayed Indefinitely
     The delegates in past ECs met physically in a given location.  Hence, we
had to fix a date so that delegates could purchase airfare in advance.  For the electronic EC this year, delegates may meet upon a short notice.  Hence, 80-20 is NOT going to endorse anyone, until we are certain that 1 or both are reasonably willing to help AsAms back.
     Sec. Clinton spent a huge amount of time visiting to black churches, union halls and conventions, Jewish American community gatherings, and Hispanic community gatherings.
    Asian Ams are 5% of our nation's population. Has Sec. Clinton spent anywhere near 5% of her campaign time speaking to AsAms?  NO!  Was it because she didn't get many AsAm invitations or that she didn't think that we are worthy her time? 80-20 means to find out.  We have invited her to speak for 5 to 10 minutes to our EC telling us why she deserves our endorsement, and then do a brief Q&A session.  The date can be any weekend date between now and the end of October.  
     An almost identical invitation was extended to Mr. Trump for the same reasons.

                              Isn't October too late to Endorse? 
     Of course it is.  But 80-20 is not about to deliver a bloc vote to any candidates,
until we confirm that the candidate values us and will give us our due share.  
     The later we endorse, the less we can help the endorsed candidate.  The later
we endorse, the more some Delegates will vote to endorse the candidate who is ahead in the poll at that moment.  Yes, October is too late.  
    But the pressure is on the presidential candidates.  If they want our bloc vote, they need to walk in our shoes and understand our aspirations.  

     80-20 thinks that it is BETTER not to endorse a candidate who is not willing to give us our due share.  Many AsAm organizations have endorsed candidates without asking them to help back.   But 80-20 is different.  We are tough as nails when it comes to fighting for your rightful benefits and your rightful share of respect from the presidential candidates.  
 FORWARD THIS EMAIL to AsAms in the battleground states.  Neither
 Clinton nor Trump gets our vote UNTIL they are willing to ask for our vote.
S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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