Wednesday, September 05, 2012

CALL FOR ACTION: Donate $5.82 to Obama

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,
Following the 80-20 endorsement (the basis for which is explained in our press release), we urge you to please Donate $5.82 TODAY directly to the Obama Campaign.

$5-$6 is a token amount that virtually all of us should be able to afford. $5.82 is an amount that stands out in the sea of $5 and $10 donations and signifies our resolve to deliver a bloc vote in the coming election to get our rightful concerns heard. The goal of swinging 80% of the AsAm votes to one candidate is the namesake of 80-20's mission. In this billion dollar election cycle, the actual dollar amount has little significance. However, a flood of uniquely identifiable $5.82 donations is a clear indication of AsAms resolve to deliver a bloc vote as a vehicle to win equal rights. It will speak loudly to BOTH candidates/parties. Please kindly let us know once you have made a donation to Obama, simply reply "I did it" and let us know how much you donated so we track the progress.

Is 80-20 all talk and no action?

80-20NAAPAC passed a resolution to immediately donate $25K from our own fund, the maximum allowed under the federal election law ($10K to the Obama Campaign and $15K to the DNC). 80-20 is not a rich organization, but we put our wallet where our mouth is in our fight to win equality for all AsAms.

In addition, all of our board members led by personal examples: Immediately after donating $5.82 for each of their family members, many also additionally and generously donated to the Obama campaign, including:

Alice Huang, $1000
Yin-Long Qiu, $1000 and monthly donations of $80.20 (until the election)
Kathleen To, $1000
SB Woo, $2500
Jing-Li Yu, $1000
Chenming Hu, three weekly donations of $80.20 each until election, totaling $2486.20
Munsup Seoh, $5.82 and $80.20, weekly until the election
Ved Chaudhary, weekly donations
Clyde Diao, weekly donations
Ed Lin, weekly donations

80-20 is laying down ground battle plans for the highly contested states such as Florida, Ohio and Michigan. These Battle Ground States (BGSs) will decide the fate of this election.

Did you reflect on the meaning of Labor Day over the past weekend?
What is the recognized value of AsAm labor in our service to our nation? Sadly and shockingly, in spite of the highest level of education and professional dedication, AsAm have less than 50% chance to rise to upper management. 80-20 has achieved landmark progress by negotiating a written promise from Obama to implement the long overdue enforcement of EO 11246 for AsAms. However, much work remains and it takes each and every one of us working together to keep up the political pressure. We all have a civic and moral duty to future generations to help make America a better nation. Let's start by making AsAms equal citizens.

Are you doing your share?

Join 80-20 Today

Or send your check to: 80-20 PAC, 13337 South St. #189, Cerritos, CA 90703
Family membership is $50 (two), individual $35, student $15.

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80-20 Collective Leadership:
Ved Chaudhary, Coordinator of Collective Leadership and Secretary
Chenming Hu, Chair of the Election Monitoring Comm.
Alice Huang, Chair of the Awards Committee
Haibo Huang, VP of Communication Technology
Yueh-ting Lee, VP on chapter Development
Yin-Long Qiu, Advisor to the Executive Comm., Chair of the Ad Hoc Comm. on Outreach to Students
Kathleen To, Treasurer
Jing-Li Yu, Chair of the Nomination Comm.

For a review of where our nation has traveled in recent years click on this video link, "like" it on Facebook and share it with your friends.