Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are AsAms Selfish to Put Their Civil Rights Interests First?

Dear Fellow Asian Americans
 and Friends,

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Each click by you and your friends bring us closer to the 10,000-donor show-of-strength. Won’t you help make AsAms a force in this election by breaking that vicious cycle of political apathy?  We don’t lack in population size but lack participation and discipline.  Many smart individuals can add to collective irrelevancy if the voting ratio is a 50/50 split.  When politicians see that, they ignore us.
Are we selfish to put our civil rights interests first 

This is a concern voiced by some as they approach this crucial election year, and is unfounded and without basis because it incorrectly assumes a zero-sum society in which if AsAms do better, other ethnic groups would proportionately suffer.

If Susan B. Anthony did not single-mindedly champion women’s rights . . . if Martin Luther King did not resolutely toil for civil rights for Blacks . . .  where would this nation be?  Consequently, ALL Americans benefit and stand on the shoulder s of these giants who made this nation better for all, ONE issue at a time.  It is time for AsAms to unite and do the same.   

AsAms have long endured an ignominious history of suffering and discrimination (from the Chinese Exclusionary Act to the Japanese Internment, from denial of service benefits to Filipino veterans after WWII, to over four decades of grievously delayed enforcement of Equal Opportunity (EO 11246), etc..  As a result, AsAms have been denied the same equal opportunity that the majority of Americans enjoy, to become all that they are capable of being and to contribute fully to building a better and stronger America.  This is not only injustice, it is detrimental to our nation.  It hurts not just AsAms, it deprives this nation of a full measure of the industrious perseverance, technological ingenuity, and job-creating entrepreneurship that AsAm are famous for.  

Lastly, we cannot forget the senseless prejudice-induced deaths of Vincent ChinDenny Chen and Harry Lew.  In our Quest for Equality and Justice, their tragic deaths must not be in vain.  Therefore, to passionately champion AsAm civil rights is a patriotic duty that we ALL must bear and carry out with determination.

If WE do not put AsAm civil rights issues front, center and foremost in our political goals, then WHO will???

Even setting aside the compelling patriotic duty, there remains our moral duty to future generations of AsAms.  As a minority group FAR FAR smaller than women in the 19th Century or the Blacks in the 1960’s, we have even less political clout based on numbers.  The ONLY way we can free our children and grandchildren for this grievous history of injustice and inequality is to use our bloc vote to actively support those politicians willing to rectify these issues, and to defeat those who (through action or inaction) choose to continue that inequality.
After thoughtful review, a bipartisan panel of elected Republican, Democratic and Independent delegates of NAAPAC decided to endorse President Obama for another term in recognition of the landmark civil rights progress for AsAm he has delivered as promised.

NAAPAC is calling on all it supporters as well as their friends and families to show the Obama campaign the unity and strength of the AsAm bloc support by donating the unique amount of $5.82/person/week.  If you are able, please donate $80.20/week through everyone in your household in the remaining weeks until election time.
It is the NECESSARY thing to do, the right thing to do.  And it is the PATRIOTIC thing to do. 

The best way we can join hands to serve our community, and fulfill our moral obligation and civic duty to help build a better nation, is to champion an end to discrimination so that ALL people can have an equal opportunity to attain the American Dream.  At the end of this Civil Rights Rainbow, is a better, more abundant America for all. 

It’s time to do your part for the AsAm Civil rights Movement. For all of us, there is no greater imperative. There is no greater calling to service beyond self.  Thank you.


Dr. Edward Lin
National Asian American PAC (NAAPAC)

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