Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why short change your future for ONLY $50?!

Dear fellow Asian Americans,

If you've friends who think $50/year is too much to invest in their children's education or family's future, would you think they're nuts?

Well, many of us have not gazed into the mirror of truth for a while to ponder this point.

I hope you have not unwittingly fallen into that group.

"RIDICULOUS!" You may indignantly reply. "I work like a dog for my family and slave at my career to try to get ahead! I'd NEVER skimp $50 at the expense of their or my future!!!"

I believe you.

And I know that if you are the typical Asian American, you are a model citizen when it comes to core values.

But my friends, according to DOL (Dept. of Labor) statistics, an AsAm. has LESS THAN HALF the chance of an average American in the same work position to be promoted to managerial ranks. That is true whether YOU work in private industries, universities or the federal government.

"A Chinaman's chance" still applies to our ethnic community where many of our best and brightest are held back by the lowest glass ceiling!

AsAms are legendary as the most-educated, hardest-working minority. At work, we are the first in and last out. Yet we are the first to get blamed and scapegoated when things go wrong: EEOC data show that AsAm are the most aggrieved and yet least likely to file a complaint. We may also be the most likely to get laid off when economic times are tough because we are known to be least likely to fight back over unfair treatment.

According to info released during a conference call on October 6, 2011 at the White House [set up for Asian Americans by the U.S. Department of Labor and the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI)], at least 235,000 of unemployed AAPIs had been out of work for more than six months. "Asian Americans have experienced the HIGHEST rate of long-term unemployment"!

It's time for AsAms to stop muttering their complaints under their breaths and turn their frustration into CONCERTED AND DETERMINED action.

WHAT IS THE USE of sending your kids to Ivy League schools, if inequality in the workplace prevents them from becoming all that they are capable of being??

WHAT GOOD IS IT, even if you have financial security but insufficient political power to keep it? To ensure equality and justice??

Remember the Chinese Exclusionary Act? Remember the Japanese internment? Remember Vincent Chin?

If you want to harvest the fruits of your labor, you must plant the seedlings today.

If you want financial security and equality, you must invest in POLITICAL POWER now!

STOP selling yourself short! Protect the future for yourself and your children for only $35-50/yr.

If WE don't care enough about AsAm equality and justice to put them front and center of our priorities, then WHO will??

80-20 is the singular AsAm organization that has steadfastly fought the toughest battles for you and your children. It is led by a small group of dedicated volunteers who are not paid one penny of salar 501 y! Yet out of 15.5 million AsAms, only 2,500 pay their dues to support our work! Our political apathy threatens to choke the life out of this tough-fighting valiant organization.

If you are one of our special dues-paying members, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your steadfast support and shining example sustains 80-20 in its daunting and lonely task. If you're not, please don't starve your workhorse any longer. Do your part. Please.

If you want 80-20 to be around to help you, your children and grandchildren, help 80-20 DOUBLE its membership.

Using a credit card, go to
Or send your check to 80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 Cerritos, CA 90703.

Basic $35; Family $50 or Life Member $1,000.

Thank you.


Dr. Edward Lin
Director, 80-20 Initiative; Family Life Member & Founding Patron
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