Tuesday, October 25, 2011

80-20 Is Again Dying!!!

Will you let an organization like 80-20 die? 80-20 only had 10 new members the past week, while it needed at least 75.

80-20 has helped 2,200,000 Asian Ams break the glass ceiling against them and is on the verge of helping another 700,000. See a numerical account of my statements above:

1. For An Estimated 50,000 AsAm Lawyers:
Their chance to be appointed life-tenured federal judges has doubled. Note that the number of such AsAm judges has doubled in the last 3 yrs. owing to President Obama's written promise to 80-20.

2. For the 70,000 AsAms. Working in Univ./Colleges:
The number of Asian Ams having been appointed to be the presidents and provosts of large and prestigious universities in the last 3 years has exceeded those appointed throughout the history of America.

3. For the 2,000,000 AsAms Who Work in Private Industries:
The glass ceiling against them is beginning to break. For the first time in history, the US Labor Department has promised in writing to 80-20 that it'll enforce an existing law for AsAms. to enjoy equal opportunity to rise to the top. Click on

On Oct. 31, 80-20's S.B. Woo and Ved Chaudhary will be meeting with Patricia Shiu, Director of OFCCP, Dept of Labor to review progress in this area. Also, Pres. Obama has promised 80-20 a meeting to view progress.

4. For the 90,000 AsAm Federal Gov. Employees -- An Exciting New Program:
80-20 has NO direct bearing on starting the program described below. However, 80-20 has decried the extremely low glass ceiling against AsAm federal gov. workers for years, including placing of a full-page public service ad in the Washington Post.

The White House Initiative on Asian Ams & Pacific Islanders announced on Oct. 21 a "new Senior Executive Service (SES) Development Program."
http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/10/21/launching-senior-executive-service-development-program .

This program should greatly increase the chance for AsAms to rise to the SES rank - the highest merit rank - in the federal government.

Currently the chance for AsAms to reach that rank is only 1/3 that of the national average.

5. For the 700,000 AsAm State/Local Gov. workers
A federal program like the above shall induce SIMILAR programs in state/county/city/local governments, especially in states with high % of Asian Ams such as CA, NY, NJ and NA.

Please spread the news in item 5 to your friends who
work for state or local governments in those states.

80-20 shall be delighted to assist if an AsAm org. needs a supporting letter from 80-20 to go to its governor.

Do you think the breaking of glass ceilings would have been done without 80-20? As individuals, AsAms are powerless to remove the glass ceilings against them. Only a politically effective organization like 80-20 can push the envelop.

80-20 SHALL die, if it fails to double its membership this year. Save 80-20 please. To join, using a credit card, go to http://www.80-20initiative.net .

Or send 
your check to 80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 Cerritos, CA 90703. 

Basic $35; Family 
$50; Life Member $1,000. Your membership is good for 1 full year!


S. B. Woo, who has volunteered 12 years and donated $100,000 to 80-20