Thursday, October 06, 2011

A good question from a strong supporter

A Good Question

"What has the President got to do with university appointments?"

Prof. Achamma Chandersekaran of Columbia U, a long time supporter of 80-20, asked, after reading "NEWS! When 80-20 dies, who will fight for you?"

Many of you probably wanted to ask the same question. So that is a teachable moment. Let's first review the relevant contents of that e-newsletter.

What was stated that caused the question

I stated in that e-newsletter that Pres. Obama has fulfilled at least 2 of 3 promises:

(1) Regarding Pres. Obama promise to appoint more Asian Am judges:
Pres. Obama has, in 3 years, DOUBLED the number of Asian Am judges, with 2 
in the higher Appeals Court level. A superb example of fulfilling a promise. See a table at the end of this e-newsletter.

(2) Regarding the promise to break the glass ceiling against Asian Ams in universities:
See the impressive list of Asian Am. Presidents and provosts, appointed in the last 3 years.

The President of these universities, in alphabetical order:
Dartmouth College, NH, an Ivy League school; 

Seton Hall University, NJ;
State Univ. of NY, Buffalo;
Univ. of Illinois, main campus (The exact title is Chancellor);
Univ. of Maryland, main campus (Prior to that, the only AsAm to reach
such a position was Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, UC, Berkeley, who
had deceiced and was one of the founders of 80-20).

The provost of these universities, in alphabetical order:
Miami University, Ohio (an 80-20 member);
Univ. of Arizona, main campus (The exact title is Interim Provost);
Univ. of Calif, San Diego (Executive Vice President & Provost, an
80-20 member) ; and
Univ. of Cincinnati, OH

The above list shows that MORE Asian Am. presidents/provosts were appointed to BIG universities in the last 3 years than what had EVER been realized in the ENTIRE history of 

80-20's Answer

Pres. Obama has no direct connection at all to the appointment of these administrators. However, there is an IMPORTANT indirect connection. That is where the enforcement of Executive Order 11246 for Asian Ams, promised in writing to 80-20 by the OFCCP, DOL under the Obama Administration, comes in.

OFCCP stands for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Department of Labor. It is empowered by EO 11246 to make sure that federal contractors and subcontractors, which include almost all universities & big private companies, do not discriminate against any American. The contracts can be cancelled, if any American institution receiving more than $10,000 of federal money, persists in discriminating against Americans.

The glass ceiling against Asian Ams is statistically irrefutable. See the Chart below.

So the written promise from DOL has created the pressure to break the glass ceiling against Asian Ams, at least in universities. In comparison, Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary under Pres. Bush, refused to enforce EO 11246 for Asian Americans.

Since 1965, EO 11246 was a main force to help blacks, women and Hispanics break the glass ceiling against them in universities and private industries.

Similar Improvement in Private Industries?

80-20 is NOT aware of similar improvement in private industries. That is why Ved Chaudhary and S. B. Woo have made an appointment to see Director of OFCCP, Patricia Shiu, on Oct. 31. Indeed Pres. Obama has promised 80-20 a meeting in the White House to review the progress of Asian Ams in reaching equal opportunity with the enforcement of EO 11246.

When 80-20 Dies, who will fight for you?

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Respectfully yours,

SB who has volunteered for 12 yrs for 80-20 and given $100,000 .

Marvelous Progress in the Number. of AsAm Life-Tenured Federal Judges