Monday, October 31, 2011

Asian Am. Kids are the Most Bullied. WHY?

Asian Am. Kids are the Most Bullied!

The Ugly Facts

According to a study supported by the US Justice Department and Education Department, Asian American students aged 12 to 18 are the most bullied in the US. Click on .

o 54% of AsAm teenagers said they were bullied in the classroom,
compared with 31.3 % of whites, 38.4% of African Americans and
34.3% of Hispanics.

o 62% of Asian Americans said they were bullied on cyberspace i.e.
compared with 18.1% of whites -- 3 times more!

Why is that so? We, parents, need to search our hearts and souls.

80-20's Suggestion on How to Stop the Bullying!

1) Asian Am. parents of a given school district should get themselves
organized first.

2) After that, help Asian Am. children of the same school district to
organize themselves. Be sure to recruit at least one teacher and one
administrator to join that student organization. If bullying is very
severe in your area, invite a media reporter to be an occasional observe
of your group meetings.

3) Students should be trained to report every incident of bullying to the
teacher/administrator in their group who will decide what actions to
take. .

4) For cyberspace bullying, train the students this way:

a) Don't react. Don't give the bullies what they want, and

b) Adopt 'the "block and tell" strategy, which involves blocking access,
and then telling the teacher/administrator in the group and let them
decide what to do.

5) If the method works, don't' relax right away. Keep the parent and the
student groups going for a while. Don't forget to thank the teacher/
administrator in an appropriate occasion annually.

To All Asian American Parents: WHY???

Why do our children get bullied so much? Could that be related to our
own timidity in tolerating the glass ceiling against us? Bullying of AsAms
doesn't s 745 top after schooling. Read "The Army Must Fully Explain the Strange Death of Pvt. Danny Chen in Afghanistan*" -- bullying ssuspected. Click: .

To Presidents of 80-20 chapters

If bullying problems exist in your area, please consider calling a chapter
meeting to organize the "parent group" to get things moving from step 1)
to step 5). This kind of action will be your most effective recruitment tool.

Think! Do you need a courageous org. like 80-20?

To Join 80-20, using a credit card, go to .

Or send 
your check to
80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 Cerritos, CA 90703. 

There is a matching fund of $3,000 for dues of anyone joining. Basic $35;
$50; Student $15; Life Member $1,000.


S. B. Woo, who has volunteered for 12 years to 80-20 and donated $100,000 .

*80-20's S. B. Woo is sending a letter to the Secretary of the Army in this regard.