Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NEW AsAm Top Administrators in Higher Ed

Are Asian Ams Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Higher Ed?

NEW Asian Am Top-Level Administrators In Universities

The following are isolated happenings. They are not as reliable as statistical
evidence. See an important footnote at the bottom. Nevertheless, these
appointments seem GOOD NEWS.

(1) Dr. Phyllis Wise, a Chinese American, has just been named Chancellor,
U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She'll become one of only
a handful of Asian American chancellors/presidents ever, nationwide,
at a major university.

(2) Dr. Conrado (Bobby) Gempesaw, a Flipino American & an 80-20 member
for many years,
was named Provost of Miami University, OH a few
months ago. There is something about Provost Gempesaw that is very
classy, as the following story will tell.

HUMAN NATURE is such that most individuals think that their successes
are 100% their own, especially after "they've made it".
when the successful ones are minorities, they tend to forget that
circumstances might have helped them succeed. Examples are our
government's Affirmative Action and progressive political forces in
their respective minority community that pushed for EQUAL
opportunity. Because of that, the successful individuals in minority
communities often don't feel obligated to mentor others in their own
community or help their community back with their resources.
That probably has been a major reason why our government STILL had
to rely on Affirmative Action to achieve diversity, 4.5 decades after its

Only those with a truly balanced mind will admit that circumstance
could have helped their successes. Provost Gempesaw belongs to
that rare category.

Even after he was named the Provost at Miami U. he stated publicly that
his earlier promotion to be Associate Provost at the University of Delaware
was partially due to the effort of an Asian Am faculty group at the
University. Don't you admire a person of such humility and integrity!

(3) Dr. Jim Yong Kim, a Korean American, became President of Dartmouth
College 2 years ago. He became the first president of an Ivy League School.

For those Asian Ams who "have made it," we admire
your achievements and look to you to remember that most of us are
not equal citizens yet. "Those to whom much is given, much is
expected." -- John F. Kennedy

Together, we shall overcome!

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer

FOOTNOTE: Early next year, 80-20 will meet with Pres. Obama at the White
House, as he has promised, to look at Asian Ams' progress in breaking
the glass ceiling,
in private industries and higher education.