Tuesday, August 02, 2011

80-20 Is Dying (2)!

80-20 Is Dying, Despite These Facts:

o 80-20 has delivered GREAT political deeds that many AsAms
thought impossible to achieve. See "80-20's Top 10
Accomplishments" by clicking on
o 80-20 has a record membership year. Thanks to you, it surpassed
in 7 months its best membership record, set in 2005 after a full year.
o 80-20's has superb name recognition in the nation's political establish-
ment. Even Republican senatorial & gubernatorial candidates
now respond to 80-20's questionnaires.

Why Then Is 80-20 Still Dying?

o Political Apathy: 80-20's leadership assumed that if 80-20 could
deliver great political deeds to the community, then our community
would respond with
a) sufficient financial support so that 80-20 can be self-sustaining,
instead of depending on a few old warhorses' fanatical devotion
to the cause, working 7/12, whether on vacations or during
b) individuals with sufficient political, financial and leadership
qualifications will step forth to take their turns to carry the
load. "Those to whom much is given, much is expected."
-- John F. Kennedy
c) young men and women will complete to serve as staff/interns for
80-20, as the best and brightest Jewish American youths had
competed to work for AIPAC (Am. Israel PAC).

Unfortunately, the hoped for support didn't come through. Could it
be that 80-20 is not worth the support? Possible! Therefore, 80-20 asks
YOU TO JUDGE. Give it the ammo to fight for you or let it die.

Beware! When 80-20 dies, all the hard-fought political gains may vanish
as well. We hope not. However, it is very likely, once the pressure is off.

o Aging Leadership: 9 different qualified individuals have been asked to
possibly serve as 80-20 President, all declined except for Kathleen To
who served 2 yrs. So the "heavy lifting" fell on one person's shoulders
time and again.

S. B. will be 74 this month, having toiled for 80-20 for 12 years at
a 7/12 pace. He has donated at least $100K directly or indirectly to
80-20. He also declared never to run for office & accept federal
appointment years ago to alley people's suspicion of his motive.. He
just can't hang on anymore. If he serves on, he'll only begin to
mis-serve his beloved Asian Am. community.

What will DOUBLING achieve?

DOUBLING will be nothing less than a political miracle, when

America's political establishment will be SHOCKED by the following
combination of well-known facts:

o Times are bad, most Am orgs are losing paid membership drastically;
o Asian Americans are politically apathetic; and yet
o against these conditions, 80-20 doubles it membership in a year.

How would most politicians, knowing the Asian Am. bloc vote, view 80-20
from that point on? Work with 80-20! It truly has the love, affection
and support of the Asian Am. community, and that community is
awakening politically.

So DOUBLING doesn't benefit 80-20 as it BENEFITS YOU!!! Doubling
may seem an intramural achievement; actually, it is also designed to stimulate
magnificent extramural political impact. Do you have the vision to
help achieve this political miracle?

SB Will Work for YOU Still, But Differently

If DOUBLING is achieved by 12/31 of this year, S. B. still will shed the
daily chores of his current duties. Instead, he'll crisscross the nation at his
own expense to recruit able, willing and noble souls to run for 80-20
President by Nov. 2012. He'll also help to raise at least $1 million to place
80-20 Initiative on a more solid financial footing by 3/25/2013.

Keep The ONLY Organized AsAm Political Clout Alive!

Join or help recruit!
Using a credit card,
go to http://www.80-20initiative.net/ Or send your check to
80-20 PAC PO Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.

A matching fund of $10,000 for dues of any one joining
Basic $35; Family $50 or Life Member $1,000 was pledged by Alex New of NY.

For STUDENT MEMBERSHIP of $15 a 2 to 1 match up to $3,000 was
pledged by Charles & Lynn Zhang of MI!

Please FORWARD this e-newsletter. Thank you.


S. B. Woo, a volunteer
On behalf of the Board of Directors, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,