Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving Stories & Wall Street Journal on AsAms' Glass Ceiling

Moving Stories

Yesterday's "80-20 Is Dying (1)" email from 80-20 got such a heart-
warming response from you.

20 new members joined. In spite of the title: "80-20 Is Dying (1),"
4 noble souls joined for a 3-year subscription. S. K. Ho of Chelmsford, MA
even signed up for a Life Membership. What classy acts!

In addition, Andrew Mackinzie of Los Angeles, CA, a Caucasian who
happens to have received 80-20 emails, called S. B. Woo "the Martin
Luther King of Asian Americans," and joined as a member to help achieve

Talking about "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going," those
individuals said it with actions. Let's keep our ONLY organized AsAm
political clout alive. Will you do your share?

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal Article:
"Study Finds Asians Occupying Few Corner Offices"

The highlights are:

Roughly 5% of U.S. residents identify themselves as Asian, but less than
2% of executive roles at Fortune 500 are Asian.
Asians are 16% at Ivy League Institutions, and 35% of under-graduates at
University of California at Berkeley, MIT & Stanford University
25% of Asian respondents said they face work-place discrimination, while
only 4% of Caucasians believe Asians are treated unfairly on the job

The article's conclusion is that the unequal treatment to Asian Ams was
caused by our cultural difference with the rest of Americans.

Cultural Difference Is NOT the Cause

S. B. Woo wrote to the author Kyle Stoke. He agrees that cultural
differences could be a minor factor. However, the major reason is that
Asian Ams are not sufficiently politically organized to fend for ourselves.

Cultural differences have been used by the establishment to explain
away glaring discrimination against the powerless throughout American history.

Go back about 2 centuries, discrimination against the Irish, Polish & Italian,
all CAUCASIANS, were rampant. The reasons given by the establishment?
Supposed Cultural differences! The establishment view them as:

The Irish: perpetually drunk and forever 82c poor;
The Polish: dumb; and
Italians: not having the right work ethic.

Once the Irish, Polish and Italians got politically organized, they became
the "haves" and some of them began to discriminate against the other
powerless and newer immigrants.

Who are they? The Jewish, blacks, Hispanics, women and Asian Ams.!
Justification for discrimination? Supposed Cultural differences!

The Jewish: Well, you know those allegations
The blacks: Ditto the above
Hispanics: Ditto the above
Women: Too soft-hearted and soft-headed. Note that women were NO LESS
than the mothers, sisters and daughters of those with power - proof positive
that mankind's greed to protect existing interests knows no limits.

All those supposed cultural differences had vaporized, once the
Irish, the Polish, Italians, the Jewish, blacks, Hispanics and women have
organized their own political clout, and been given the equal opportunity to
rise to the maximum of their potentials.

Do Asian Ams Need to Organize Our Own Political Clout?

Keep the ONLY organized national Asian Am. political clout alive!
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