Thursday, April 29, 2010

Readers' Reactions to "Politics the Am. Way"

Readers' Reactions to E-newsletter"Politics the Am. Way"

Thanks for working so hard for the interests of the Asian American
Community. I am really impressed by the results of your hard work.
SK Lo, Minneapolis, MN

Dear S. B.: What wonderful news !!! Three cheers to 80-20 PAC and S.B.
Woo. We are so proud of you to step by step push the right button at
the right time!! Together we shall overcome. I got all our adult sons to
be members
(emphasis added by S. B. ) and share the good news. (Little
by little and by hard work, things are improving). My husband and I are
getting old. . . . . . Our sons will some day participate much more
actively. It is their future and their children's future !!
Respectfully, Angela Cheng

Congratulations!!! Betty Tomita

Way to go!!!! Mr. Woo, you have done so much for our community.
We have to thank you. Sherman

Dr. Wu, Thank you for your consisting perseverance with your vision,
wisdom and leadership in the successful advocacy for presidential
appointment for Asian American judges. Ed Ma

Dear Mr. S. B. Woo: I am moved by your effective and generous hard work
for Asian American. And I think this kind of work helps America too.
I decide to be a life member. (emphasis added by S. B. ) If I remember right,
the fee for being a life member is $1,000. Is this correct?
James T C Chen, Hayward, CA

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S.B. Woo
Acting Executive Director, 80-0 PAC, INC. (a volunteer)

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