Wednesday, April 14, 2010

80-20's 3 BIG Decisions

80-20 made 3 BIG decisions, after 1.5 days of Board meeting:

1. Strongly Support Senate Confirmation of Goodwin Liu:

80-20 shall strongly support the Senate confirmation of Goodwin Liu as a
federal judge in the 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals, which is just one level below
the Supreme Court of the USA. Owing to Liu's youth and qualification, he could
become the first Asian Am. Supreme Court Justice, if confirmed. 80-20 asked
around a great deal to make sure that Goodwin also shares the rightful concerns
of the Asian Am. community.

2. Strongly Advocate "Family Reunion" and" Adequate Number of
Visas for Skilled Worker":

80-20 is not taking a position on the pending Immigration Reform Act.
However, whatever its final form, it must contain a strong "Family Re-union"
provision & allow "adequate number of Visas for skilled workers."

3. Support the Democratic Congressional Candidates of 2010
with funds and a bloc vote:

The complete resolution is appended below*. In essence, it says that
Pres. Obama had GREATLY helped make Asian Ams. equal citizens of USA,
therefore we must pay back politically by helping to elect Democrats in
the Congressional races. 80-20'll help by devoting resources to organize
bloc votes for the Dem. candidates.

NO LESS IMPORTANTLY, for GOP candidates who have consistently
supported our causes, we'll help back too. A committee is set up to identify
such Republicans. Read the last paragraph in blue.

"America's political establishment already knows that Asian Ams FIGHT
courageous political battles for their rightful concerns," said S. B. Woo. "In
passing the above resolution, we show the establishment that Asian
Ams also know how to express its THANKS politically. That is political
maturity. 80-20 is delighted to have helped set this historic precedent."

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S.B. Woo
Acting Executive Director, 80-0 PAC, INC. (a volunteer)

- - - - - - - - - -
*"Whereas, Pres. Obama set a historic precedent by appointing Asian
Americans to (1) leadership positions in his Transition Team and his
White House staff, and (2) three cabinet secretary positions , and many
other cabinet and sub-cabinet positions;

Whereas, Pres. Obama, again setting a historic precedent, has taken
action to increase the number of Asian American federal judges from 8
District judges and zero Appeals Court judges, to 11 District Judges and
2 Appeals Court judges in his first 14 months as the President;

Whereas, the Labor Department under President Obama, again setting a
historic precedent
, has written 80-20 committing to enforce an existing
law, Executive Order 11246, for Asian Americans in order to provide the 2
million Asian Americans working in private industries and universities
with equal opportunity in their workplaces, i.e. to break the glass
ceiling. Exercising due caution in this matter, 80-20 notes that we as yet
have not seen evidence from the Department of Labor that it is taking
concrete steps to enforce its stated position;

Whereas, 80-20 Initiative wishes to express, on behalf of the Asian
American community, our deep appreciation to President Obama for his
great effort thus far in helping us gain equal opportunity to serve

Whereas, 80-20 is a nonpartisan organization and wishes to work with
all major political parties and any of their candidates who share
the rightful concerns of Asian Americans;

Be It Therefore Resolved that 80-20 shall support Democratic candidates
in the 2010 Congressional races, except for those election districts
whose Republican candidates** have strongly supported Asian American
concerns, and

Be It Further Resolved that 80-20 shall support the above decision
with funds and a bloc vote in coming November."

- - - - - -
** Our Ad Hoc Comm. on Working with Republicans, headed by Prof.
Chenming Hu, sincerely welcomes the application of such Republican
candidates or the submittal of the names of such Republican candidates by
80-20 members. Prof Hu can be reached
via .