Monday, April 26, 2010

Politics the American Way

Edmond Chang of IL was nominated 4 days ago by Pres.
to be another Asian Am. life-tenured US District Court
judge. We thank Pres. Obama.

"What is 80-20's secret in causing this?" asked a member. "NO secret!
We didn't do it all by ourselves either. Other Asian Am. orgs. also worked
on it," I answered. "80-20 just works hard and has the courage to do the
right thing."

Here is what 80-20 did in connection with the specific nomination of an
Asian Am judge from the state of IL. The info may EMPOWER our
community, because it is practicing politics the American way.

(I) Before the 2008 Election:
80-20 got candidate Obama to agree in writing to appoint more Asian
Am. District and Circuit Court judges as a "top priority".

(II) During the Election:
80-20 worked its heart out for Sen. Obama in the battle ground states to
help elect him.

(III) After Obama became President:

a) On 5/28/09, S. B Woo traveled to D.C. to reminded high level White
House officials of Pres. Obama's commitments to the Asian Am.
community, which includes appointing more federal judges.

b) S. B. wrote to Judge Abner J Mikva, Chair, "Screening Comm. for Sen.
Durbin of IL regarding federal judicial nomination," urging him to give
the Asian Am. applicants a good look. The Chair of such a committee
has key input to a senator's short list submitted to Pres. Obama.

c) In July, S.B. wrote to all US senior Democratic senators, who by
tradition recommend a list of 3 names to Pres. Obama , whenever
a vacancy in US District judges occurs in his/her state. It
urges those senators to pay special attention to recommend
qualified Asian Am candidates in their states to Pres. Obama. By
tradition, Pres. Obama selects one of the three persons recommended.

d) In August, 80-20's Board members CALLED the Senior Democratic
Senators or their chiefs of staff or their legal counsels as a follow-up
to my earlier letter to them. Jing-li Yu, former 80-20 staff who is now
an 80-20 Board member, called the office of Sen. Durbin of IL.

(IV) After Edmond Chang's nomination by Pres. Obama:

80-20 sent "thank you letters" to Sen. Durbin of IL and Judge
Mikya of IL,
Chair, "Screening Comm. for Sen. Durbin for judicial

We hope that detailing how 80-20 works will help to EMPOWER our community.
Together, we can overcome.

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Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer,
Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC, Inc.


1. Thanks to you, 80-20 has RECORD MEMBERSHIP numbers in the last 3 months,
even better than the same months of last year.

2. Dongwoo Joseph Pak, of California was appointed by Pres. Obama to be a
member of the National Council on Disability.