Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Intimidation Against S. B. Woo Backfires

The following may EMPOWER you and our entire community. It illustrates what America is all about -- not the partisan view of a person with a fancy official title but what is right or wrong.


80-20 called on the AsAm Republicans on its 700,000 e-mail list to send a message to Republicans headquarters (RNC, NRCC and NRSC) urging them to pay attention to the rightful interests of AsAms during the 2006 election.

A huge number responded. They sent emails stating that "if you don't meet with S. B. Woo, I will vote for all Democrats, and ask all my friends and relatives to do so." They signed off with their names and addresses.

Instead of responding positively to the request, a few Republican AsAm operatives paniced. They decided to intimidate S. B. Woo personally. One operative used his title (Executive Director, The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) to boost his complaint to the President and Provost of the University of Delaware, where S. B. once worked & served as a Trustee. S. B. was copied in the complaint.


"President Roselle and Provost Rich:

Our office received this email* from one of your faculty this past weekend. I am forwarding this to your attention. I hope that his views and his perspective is not representative of the university. I imagine that your university shares our vision of working with all communities and all parties in this country and we are here to serve the people of this country.

Even if Professor Woo's emails do not represent your university and the views of your leadership, the impression is out there (through his use of the university email address) that your university is supportive of his work and the thoughts portrayed through this email.

Our office asks that you respond promptly and look into this matter. Thank you.

Jimmy D. Lee
Executive Director
The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders"


From: "Roselle, David"
To: "Jimmy Lee"

"S. B. Woo is a retired member of the University of Delaware’s faculty. As such, he is entitled to have limited access, including E- mail, to the University’s computing facilities. All users of these facilities are governed by certain policies, none of which would seem to have been violated if Professor Woo did, in fact, author and send the memo* you attached to your note."


The above exchange of emails best illustrates what America is all about. It is not about official titles, it is about right and wrong. Dirty politicians, from both political parties, have used their titles to intimidate AsAms for decades, particularly recent immigrants, for financial contributions or for partisan political advantages.

Stand up for justice and your rights, fellow Asian Ams. Don't let unethical politicians intimate you ever again.

80-20 hopes that this email has empowered you. Write 80-20, if you are facing intimidation by an official. We'll look into it for you.

This incident is a big strike against the Republican Party. It also shames "The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders."

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* The following is the email referred to in the correspondence:
Dear Kam: Greetings. Thanks for copying me in your correspondence with Jimmy Lee, whom I assume works for the GOP. His email to you illustrates the great difference in our value systems.

His email: "Kam - hope that you're well - I think that you and also the community reading this needs to realize that the RNC has contacted Mr. Woo and that we said that we would have our political folks sit down and meet with him but he said no thank you. My guess is that he wants to go and tell people that he has met with the Chairman so he looks good in front of his constituents. But if he is going around and saying that no one responded to his request that is false and he needs to be honest about what he is saying and telling people."

According to that person's value (Jimmy Lee), I wanted to see Mehlman because I could publicize it and it'd make me look good. By that logic, not been given a meeting with Mehlman should makes me look bad. Why would I publicize this bad news then Jimmy Lee simply doesn't understand a higher value system -- the desire to serve and the will to fight the wrong. I and my colleagues in 80-20 fight for Asian Americans' equal opportunity because we believe it will be good for Asian Americans and America. I am beginning to think that the Republican party has attracted a lot of selfish people without the right value. They support GOP simply for their own selfish appetite. Therefore they misjudge others' motives. They think all?people are like them -- vain glorious and selfish to the core.

Both D and R responded to my first request for a meeting by sending low ranking folks to meet with me. I rejected both offers, because such people didn't have the authority to make the big deals -- 80-20 doesn't sell Asian Am. votes?cheaply. To my second letter to both D and R. Democrats adjusted. The Republicans didn't.

You may forward this reply to Jimmy Lee if you like. It may cause him?to re-examine his value. The poor soul refers to Mehlman as Chairman only. He didn't even dare to use Mehlman's name. Doesn't he realize that this is America, and a party chairman is no big deal. The issue could settle easily. Mehlman could simply announce a date that is convenient to both on which we'll meet. The climbers in GOP may think Mehlman is a big deal. I only respect Mehlman's office, since I don't know anything about him to decide whether to respect him as a person or not. Thanks, Kam. I am glad ?that?our community has a leader like you. Best, SB