Thursday, October 05, 2006

Call To Action


It all depends on our Republican supporters now. You alone can get the Republican leadership to pay attention to Asian Am interests and in return get our support in the 2006 election.


(1) This year's election is crucial. The leadership of both the House and the Senate are at stake. 80-20 wants both parties to compete to serve our rightful interests in order to get our votes. So 80-20 contacted both parties.

(2) DNC (Dem. Nat'l Comm.) responded. 80-20 wants the Dem. party to help us win equal opportunity, whie DNC wants us to vote for then in return. Fair enough. But no deal is made yet.

(3) RNC didn't. 80-20 president S. B. Woo couldn't get a appointment to see RNC leadership after repeated tries. 80-20 sent almost identical letters to DNC and RNC on the same day, and made identical calls.

What you can do, if you are a Republican:

E-mail or fax (more effective):
1) Chiar of RNC, Ken Mehlman:; 202 863-8820 -f
2) Nat'l Rep. Congress Comm.:; 202 863-0693 - f
3) Nat'l Rep. Senate Comm:; 202 675-4730

Use your own words but express the following sentiment: "I am a Republican voter. Why aren't you meeting with S. B. Woo, President of 80-20 Initiative, to create a win-win situation for both GOP and Asian Americans? If we lose the leadership of one or both branches of the Congress, I'll hold you responsible. I will vote for all Democrats, and ask all my friends and relatives to do so, if you ignore my request." Print your name, address and title (optional).

Do it NOW. You have the right to demand the service from your Party. Exercise it. If you don't fight for yourself, no one will. Election time is the best time to get politicians to listen to us.

Enjoy the inner satisfaction of having done YOUR share! THANKS.
- - - - -

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