Thursday, August 03, 2006

What elections are all about?

Are elections all about going to the voting place to select candidateswhom you prefer? NO!

Elections in American are designed to give citizens real clout to

  1. seek political relief for their personal grievances e.g. lack of equal opportunity in workplaces for Asian Americans and lack of AsAm federal judges, and

  2. seek changes in government policies e.g. war in Iraq or immigration policy. It is very hard to get elected officials to listen to you EXCEPT when they are campaigning. So seize the moment!
Does a citizen really have clout? YES, in a collective sense! How?

AS INDIVIDUALS, you go to candidate forums to ask candidates questions on issues of your concern. Go to fundraisers to ask questions and express your views to the candidates during the receptions.

Get you friends & relatives to go with you and don't be shy about asking questions. Do your share for our GROUP interest.

As organizations, you organize candidate forums and send questionnaires to candidates on issues of your concern. For candidates who come to your forum and answer your questionnaires the right way, you organize fundraisers to give them money and votes, i.e. help get them elected. For candidates who don't come to your forum or don't answer your questionnaires or don't answer in the right way, you talk and vote against them OPENLY. When they hear about your displeasure, they may change their attitude. That's why you must oppose a candidate OPENLY and that's what elections are all about -- to empower the ordinary citizens.

If you vote on the last day of the election season only, it may be too little and too late.

Remember 2 things:

  1. The 2006 election is critical to both parties. The control of the House and Senate is on the line. Both parties will be extra attentive this year.
  2. Politics clout depends on LARGE numbers. The larger the number of similar questions for the candidates, the larger the audience, the larger the number of votes and dollars perceived to be within the influence of your organization, the bigger the clout. So we must UNITE to achieve the LARGE numbers. Do it for our children.
When I was Lt. Gov. of Delaware, fellow politicians often kidded me, "S. B., you have it easy raising money from AsAms. They give thousands of dollars and only ask for a picture with them or a small personal favor or a nice sounding but meaningless appointment. They never ask us spend our political capital to do something significant for the AsAm community. Ha. Ha. Ha."

Let's show those politicians that we are no longer that self-centered and politically ignorant. Show them that a new generation of AsAms has risen who are community-minded and will use the election cycle 2006 to seek relief for the lack of AsAm judges and the lack of equal opportunity to enter management. Please do your share.

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