Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Q & A on "Are we discriminated against?" – Part 1

Many people, including some AsAms, don't believe that AsAms are being discriminated against in the workplace. Since 80-20 respects opposing views and is interested in the truth, we looked into their points of view.

We found powerful facts to the contrary.

Here are 5 common myths against us and the truth. For the detailed documentation of the evidence against these myths, visit http://www.80-20educationalfoundation.org/chartfaq.html

1. Could the low chance for Asian Americans to be promoted to managers be due to the lack of seniority in the Asian American work force?

Asian Americans have more average seniority than Hispanics, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, Hispanics have enjoyed a much higher chance of being promoted to the managerial class.

2. A lot of managers have business degrees. Asian Americans tend to get Engineering and Science degrees. Could that be why we have so few people in the managerial level?

The % of Asian Americana with a business degree is 85% HIGHER than that of the national average. More in Engineering/Science don't imply fewer business majors. How come? That is because we have a much fewer % of people in such degree fields as English, history, psychology, liberal arts …, etc. Indeed, Asian Americans have the highest % of people with MBAs, and the second highest % of people with either bachelor's or a doctoral degrees in business.

3. The "Average AsAm Income" is higher than that of all races and groups except for the White. Is that proof positive that AsAms are not being discriminated against?

Income is tightly coupled to educational attainment according to Census 2000. If AsAm workers were paid the average national salary according to their educational attainment, the "Average AsAm Income" should be about 15% HIGHER than that of "Average White Income." The reason is that AsAms have much higher educational attainment. However, in reality, average AsAm income is LOWER than that of Caucasians.

4. But the average AsAm HOUSEHOLD income is indeed the highest of the nation. So is that proof positive?

AsAm HOUSEHOLD income should be even higher for the following reasons:

"Asians nationally have the highest household incomes… due to larger households with more earners…. Both sexes [of AsAms] can earn less than Whites when education is taken into account…. Asians have lower per capita income than whites." Visit: http://www.arthur.hu.com/index/income.htm(Arthur Hu is an Asian Week columnist and MIT-educated engineer).

5. Asian Americans are praised as the "Model Minority," why would anyone want to discriminate against us?

144 years after America declared that "All men are created equal," White women were not allowed to vote. Ponder for a moment who those White women were. They were no less than the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters of the males who wanted to keep an advantage over their opposite gender. So don't count on the meaningless "Model Minority" praise.

Please forward this email to your friends and relatives so that these common myths against us will be thoroughly discredited. Look for the next 5 myths against us in the next email.

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