Sunday, December 14, 2003

Dean & Kucinich answered 80-20: YES/YES/YES

If one of them becomes our next President, Exec. Order 11246 will
be enforced for APAs. YOU, yes YOU personally, will reap huge
Let's see how it works.

(1) If you work in the academic world, the ratio of [administrators /
(faculty + professional)] for APAs will increase from the current
0.057 to the nat'l average of 0.150, in about 10 yrs. It means there
will be 6000 ADDITIONAL full-time APA administrators. Rising tide
lifts all ships. With more APA administrators, all APAs working in
universities, from janitors to instructors to secretaries will

(2) If you work for corporations, law and accounting firms, federal
or state governments
, the increase in the APA ratio in
[(Executive/management)/ (peoples just below the manager level)]
will increase EVEN MORE. Suppose you are young and not even
close to the management level yet, still you'll benefit because
rising ride lifts all ships.

(3) If you work in Korea town or Little Manila, or are with the ethnic
media, or own your own business or in a business that
has little apparent connection with the mainstream society, WILL

Definitely. With 3 times as many APA executives & managers,
there will be more money in our community. Hence, more will be
spent in ethnic localities. More ads will be bought in ethnic media
resulting in higher pay for ethnic reporters. The Silicon Valley
entrepreneurs will have more APA CEOs in the Fortune 500
companies to call on for venture capitals and/or contracts. All
in all, it is the same cause and effective: RISING TIDE LIFTS ALL

GOOD & BAD NEWS! The good news is that Gov. Dean is the odds on
candidate to be the Democratic nominee
. So we may have about 50-50
chance to have 11246 enforced for us after the 2004 election.

The bad news is that Candidate Bush and the 7 other Democratic
candidates have NOT signed up yet. We should seize the golden
opportunity of the presidential election and make it 100% certain to
have 11246 enforced for us.

In the NEXT e-mail, we will give you information on how to THANK
Dean & Kucinich, and how to induce the rest, Dem. & Rep., TO
. If you can't wait, go to . Names of candidates,
their email addresses, fax and phone numbers are all there.