Tuesday, December 16, 2003

CALL TO ACTION: Reward & Censure Candidates

Here's how to reward and censure presidential candidates in order
to win our equal opportunity in workplaces. First, some facts.

Fact 1: Dean & Kucinich have helped us. Dean has money; leads in
Iowa, New Hampshire, S. Carolina & a few other states but is only sixth
in CA -- the state with the largest number of delegates to the Dem. Nat'l
Convention where a nominee is elected. Kucinich needs money.

Fact 2: Clark, Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards, Lieberman, Sharpton & Braun
have NOT helped yet. They all want to do better in Iowa or New
Hampshire. Many are aiming to defeat Dean in CA. Edwards currently
has a small lead in CA.

Fact 3: Bush has NOT helped yet. He is the only candidate in the Rep.
Party. He has Money. He doesn't need votes in the PRIMARY; he
needs votes in the GENERAL.


A. REWARD (Be sure to identify yourself as an 80-20 supporter):

1. Send Kucinich money. Help him with $$ via

2. Help Dean in CA. Make perhaps a small amount via
Volunteer for him in CA, or get your friends and relatives who live in
CA to volunteer for him. To volunteer: go to left sidebar of
http://www.deanforamerica.com , click on options under
"Get Involved."


Fax or e-mail all other candidates to induce them to help:
"NO SUPPORT unless you first sign off on 80-20's questionnaire."
Write down your address, especially if you live in Iowa, or New
Hampshire or California.

Wesley K. Clark: ajackson@clark04.com , Fax: (501) 244-2203
Richard Gephardt: info@dickgephardt2004.com ; fax: (202)-448-9399
Joe Lieberman : info@joe2004.com ; fax: (703) 894-0770
John Kerry: info@johnkerry.com ; Fax: (617) 523-2033
John Edwards: info@johnedwards2004.com ; Fax: (919) 782-0091
Carol M. Braun: carol@carolforpresident.com ; Fax: (312) 8428510
Al Sharpton: revalsharptonpec@yahoo.com ; (888) 303-4903

George Bush: BushCheney04@GeorgeWBush.com , Fax: (703) 647-2996

We are on the verge of great victory. Please do YOUR part by
acting TODAY. Show that we are serious about winning equal
opportunity in workplaces NOW!

- - - - - - - - - - - -
PLEASE NOTE that helping a candidate during the primary
election does not commit 80-20 to endorse the person(s) in
the general election. During the primary, all 80-20
supporters may choose to support any candidate who have
answered yes/yes/yes. In the general election, an
endorsement convention will be held to decide whom we
will support in a bloc vote. See article 7 of 80-20 Bylaws.