Thursday, December 18, 2003

3 More Candidates Answered YES/YES/YES!

Senator John Edwards, Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun &
General Wesley Clark
answered YES/YES/YES to 80-20's
questionnaire. We thank them.

REWARD , i.e. volunteer or contribute to, one of the following
candidates during the Democratic PRIMARY:

1. Howard Dean: the odds-on favorite to win the Dem. nomination
2. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio
3. Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun
4. John Edwards: enjoying a slight lead in the poll on CA primary
5. Wesley Clark: the first to verbally promise enforcing 11246 for us

CENSURE the following:

Richard Gephardt: ; fax: (202)-448-9399
Joe Lieberman : ; fax: (703) 894-0770
John Kerry: ; Fax: (617) 523-2033
Al Sharpton: ; Fax: (888) 303-4903

George Bush: , Fax: (703) 647-2996

More candidates will answer YES/YES/YES. To keep you informed
of the fast developing situation, 80-20 has created a web page on 2004 Presidential
Election. Save the URL, you'll find the latest on 2004 Election on that
site. See, for example, the signatures of those presidential candidates
who have signed 80-20's questionnaire.

Please do YOUR share to induce ALL presidential candidates to
respond positively to 80-20's questionnaire. We want equal
opportunity in workplaces NOW. Thank you for continuing to fax &
e-mail. TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

- - - - - - - -
PLEASE NOTE that helping a candidate during the primary
election does NOT commit 80-20 to endorse the person(s) in
the general election. During the primary, all 80-20
supporters may choose to support any candidate who have
answered yes/yes/yes. In the general election, an
endorsement convention will be held to decide whom we
will support in a bloc vote. See article 7 of 80-20's Bylaws.
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