Monday, December 29, 2003

Sen. Kerry Answered Yes/Yes/Yes Too!

Check out and see
the signature of Sen. John Kerry on 80-20's questionnaire. He has just
joined 5 other Dem. presidential candidates, Cong. Kucinich, Gov.
Dean, Amb. Braun, Sen. Edwards and Gen. Clark
, promising
the enforcement of Exec. Order 11246 so that the talents of APAs
will no longer be under-utilized.

If one of those 6 becomes our next president, we will enjoy equal
opportunity in workplaces, whether it is salary increment or promotion
or rising to the top. The glass ceiling will be broken. It will benefit
every APA. Even those who are NOT citizens will benefit, because "a
rising tide lifts all ships

Censure the only 3 Dem presidential candidates who have
not yet responded positively. They are Cong. Richard Gephardt, Senator
Joseph Lieberman, and Rev. Al Sharpton. Tell your friends and relatives
all across the nation, especially those in EARLY PRIMARY STATES,
e.g. Iowa, New Hampshire, Arizona & S. Carolina.

Everybody talks about the glass ceiling above us. Only 80-20 takes
effective action to eliminate it.

Join 80-20 in 2004. The more members we have, the more effective
WE will be to induce George W. Bush to respond positively to 80-20's
questionnaire. When the major candidates of both political parties have
promised in writing to enforce EO 11246 on our behalf, our glass ceiling
will be broken after the 2004 election. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND

Don't be a free loader.

1. Honorary Family Life** (2 votes) -- $10,000
2. Honorary Life** -- $5,000
3. Family life** (2 votes) -- $1,500 4. Life** -- $1000
5. Family (for couples only, 2 votes) -- $50
6. Basic (1 vote) -- $35 7. Student -- $15
** Member' names in permanent display on 80-20's web site. See

Any US citizen and PR may join, using a credit card,
visit or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu 80-20 special Assistant
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check.

When history recounts how APAs won their equal
opportunity, YOU can proudly tell your children that YOU
did YOUR share.