Thursday, September 23, 2004

How 80-20 fought for you; S. B. under attacks

Two topics.

[A] 80-20 Fighting For You

80-20's Endorsement Convention (EC) decided to POSTPONE ITS
ENDORSEMENT FOR UP TO 2 WEEKS. See our press release:


80-20 is neither fowl nor fish. Hence, both "fowl/fish," i.e.
politicians in both GOP/Dem, dislike 80-20. They were
accustomed to eating our lunch (votes and money) free, while 80- 20
wants them to pay with services to our community. They both
would love to make 80-20 look bad to get back to the days of the
"Free Lunch."

Such an occasion came in the 2004 election. Both GOP and
the Dems thought 80-20's strength was in CA only (they didn't
realize how much 80-20 has planned to be effective in the
contested states). Since Bush has given up winning CA, the Bush
camp didn't even bother to send a representative to 80-20's EC.
With that, the Dems probably thought that they've got us. That is,
they thought that 80-20 has no choice but to endorse Kerry. They
sent Congressman Michael Honda who was an hour and 15
minutes late but had warm embraces with many Delegates.

Through those interactions, the Delegates sensed that Kerry's
commitment to advance the rightful concerns of the Asian
American community was insufficient. The delegates voted
overwhelmingly to postpone their endorsement for a Presidential
candidate for up to two weeks. 80-20 shall NOT offer your votes
and money to Kerry/Nader/Bush as free lunch. We are willing to
sacrifice our own interests to fight for you!

[B} S. B. Woo Under attacks, and WHAT S. B. HAS TO SAY.

For those who read Chinese, just go read S. B's short press release: . His release is in Chinese because the GOP AsAm "big wigs" had a national phone hookup with the Chinese media.

For those who don't read Chinese, here is a summary. On 9/19, 4 hours before 80-20's scheduled press conference to announce its endorsement decision, the GOP big wigs called a "national" phone conference to denounce Woo, saying :

(1) S. B. has manipulated 80-20 and its Endorsement Convention
to serve Kerry,
(2) 80-20 should not sue the Dept. of Labor, its hurts the
reputation of Elaine Chao.

Surprise! 80-20 didn't endorse Kerry although it didn't know about the attacks. The reporters were all laughing at those GOP big wigs who simply can't conceive that there could be AsAms who place the community interest above partisan interests. Many reporters were also saying why sacrifice the chance of erasing the glass ceiling above 12,000,000 AsAms in order to protect the interest of one person, Elaine Chao? Let the court decide. The
court will be fair! Is someone scared that the truth will come out?

Join 80-20. It needs your help.

1. The Nader campaign sent Dr. Forrest Hill, a National
Campaign Coordinator to our EC, who did a good job. For
answers that he must check with Ralph Nader himself, Hill did
and gave us written answers within a few hours.

2. War Chest: Life members who donated the last week:
Kenneth Fong of CA: $2,000 Henry Lee of NY: $1,000
Tim Chen of CA: $100
Yu Shuan Yeh of NJ $1000, joined as a New Life Member.