Sunday, September 12, 2004

Great News On Three Battle Fronts

(A) Great News On the Legal Front: AsAm Legal Eagles Volunteer Pro Bono Service to 80-20 in its Suit against the Dept. of Labor:

(1) Anthony Ching, the first Solicitor General in Arizona, judge pro tem on the Arizona Court of Appeals (just below the Arizona Supreme Court) and who may also be the first Chinese American to argue cases in the US Supreme Court in Graham v Richardson and Perez v Campbell. He was initially very negative towards the merits of 80-20's suit. However, after finding out where the beef is, he volunteered his service for our community.

(2) Paul Igasaki, who for many years was a member of EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and briefly its Acting Head is interested in strategizing with 80-20. Pro bono?

(3) Thomas Tso, A third year Harvard law student with labor law experience is organizing a team of "AsAm LEGAL EAGLES" for 80-20 as a support team for the lead lawyer and Anthony Ching.

80-20 salutes these Legal Eagles.

(B) Great News On the War Chest Front: Life Members Who Donated Again This Week:

James Cheung of NY: $8,000 , Susan & James Wu of AL: $1,000
William Tao of MO: $500 , Stella M. Y. Yu of CO: $500
Helen Chou of MO: $250 , S. B. Woo of DE: $200
Wai-Yim Ching of KS: $100 , Philip Choong of CA: $100

(C) Great News On the Public Opinion Front: UNSOLICITED emails from AsAms Regarding Elaine Chao & Accountability. Apologies for not being able to accommodate all readers' submissions.

1) "Very good report -- This is the kind of in depth stuff the membership needs. Your polite but firm analysis is very helpful and may nudge Elaine, at this late date, to do some work (although, of course, it just may be possible that the Bush administration may well be telling her not to push the issue, in which case, she should resign and speak out, as have Richard Clarke and others. (hmmm, hey, WHY NOT SEND HER A NOTE TO THAT EFFECT?) " Anson

2) "Yes, you're absolutely right about the glass ceiling at universities and major corporations! " Yuko J. Nakanishi, Ph.D, MBA Polytechnic University

3) "How DO WE COMMUNICATE WITH HER on this issue as a private citizen? that the way to avoid such criticism is not to promulgate the unfair treatment of Asian-Americans? WHAT IS HER EMAIL? "
CL Sung, M.D.

4) " Finally, I think we as AsAms should have A LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN to Ms. Chao regarding her inaction. Do you know how to contact her via email? " Christina Fong

5) "I forwarded your email to my friends & family yesterday. Got a positive response last night: What can we do as a citizen to help in this matter? Indeed, my question too. PLS ADVISE. Thanks. ."
Erica Liu

6) "I agree with you wholeheartedly on Elaine Chao. If we do not help our own people, who will." Lily

7) "I strongly agree with you. Excellent points."
Soliang (Ed) Huang, AIS, UCLA

Let's demand accountability from Elaine Chao. Many of you wanted to write her. However, we don't have her email address and, in care of Secretary Elaine Chao.

Great News from three battle fronts! We are READY to win our equal opportunity in workplaces through the 2004 election. When 80-20's Endorsement Convention decides which presidential candidate to endorse this coming Sunday, WE'LL SOUND THE CLARION.

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