Monday, November 03, 2003

80-20 & The 2004 Presidential Election

Lot of Good News:

Many APAs used to think that a bloc vote is an extremist's method
to win equal opportunity for themselves. Well, David Broder, often
considered the Dean of American Political Reporters, just wrote an
article describing a bloc vote as "one of the unnoticed glories of
American life -- the entry of yet another immigrant group
into the mainstream of the nation's politics." "That is how
the Irish, the Italians, the Poles and other 19th-century immigrants
became" equal partners in the making of the American Dream. See

More APAs will follow 80-20's bloc vote in 2004. We are
more mature politically.

"Bush may be able to win in 2004 without winning CA.
But Democrats cannot possibly win the next P.E.
without winning CA
." -- a belief shared by most experts.

80-20 is the strongest in CA that has 55 electoral votes. In 2000, 80-
20 delivered 70% of the APA votes to Gore whom it endorsed, according
yo a poll partially sponsored by the National Science Foundation. See

Up till recently, the most optimistic estimate of APA voters in CA
is 6.5%. The 2000 Census says it is actually 7.4%. Source: Current
Population Survey, November 2000. In 2004, the % will easily top 8%.

GOP lost CA by 11 points in 2000. If a bloc of APA voters of 6%
will change from voting Dem. to voting for Bush. It'll be a swing of 12
points! That is how pivotal we are in the 2004 presidential election.

(4) 80-20 IS STRONGER

80-20 Email List 80-20 Members
2000 450,000 Zero
2003 650,000 2000

What do we want? We want EQUAL OPPORTUNITY & JUSTICE.
The political party that does the most DEEDS to help us achieve that
goal will get our endorsement for the 2004 presidential election.
That is what an election in America is all about! Join 80-20 to help
yourself & your children.

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