Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Election Results: Elected Members & Their Brief Bios

Purpose of Election: To replace 5 Board members whose terms
were over & to add 3 Board positions. The length of each term is 2

Procedure: Only dues-paying members may participate. Every
dues-paying member who wanted to be a candidate was nominated.
Half of the candidates were elected.

Elected Members & Their Brief Bios:

1. Jerry Yang - elected by 70.8% of the voters, CT, incumbent, Prof. at
U. of CT, cloning expert, a really helpful Board Member, Family
Life Member, Co-Chair of 80-20's LA fundraiser
2. Julia C. Wan - 67.5%, S. CA, retired director of a center, Calif.
U., Fullerton, was NSF program director, mainstream & APA
political experience, Family Life Member, Co-Chair of 80-20's LA
3. Peter Luh - 55.1%, incumbent, Chaired Prof. at U. of CT, a
Board member who has always accomplished his Board duties; he
was the second Board member to successfully recruit 20 new 80-20
4. Jason Kothari - 54.9%, PA, Indian Am., lived in Hong Kong, an
undergraduate at Wharton School, U. Penn, President of Beta
Gamma Sigma, a Wharton student's highest honor, experience
with The Conference Board, McKinsey & Co., AmCham Washington
Doorknock 2003 Delegate, new 80-20 member .
5. Giga Andreyev - 54.3%, incumbent, President of World Mongolian
Assoc., President of a Glazing Comp., flew from NJ to attend 80-
20's LA fundraiser.
6. James Wu - 52.5%, N. CA, retired Goergia Tech professor, a
Delegate to 80-20's 2000 Endorsement Meeting, a Life Member, a
Co-Chair of the LA fundraiser
7. Albert Huang - 50.9%, S. CA, President of LA 80-20 chapter, an
architect, Principal of a real estate firm, Founding Benefactor
80-20, an Honorary Chair of 80-20's LA fundraiser
8. Kenneth Chia - 50.3%, N. CA, retired IBM manager, has first hand
experience in job discrimination, believes strongly in political
participation, a member for 2 years.

A BIG THANKS to members of the Election Monitor Comm. for a good
job -- Kathleen To (Chair), Larry Ho, Jing-Li Yu, Shangyou Zhang.

Once again, 80-20 demonstrated that it is an open, democratic
and transparent organization that goes by the rule of law -- its own
bylaws which are accessible via the web site. In addition, 80-20 is
effective in fighting for YOU. Please do YOUR share to support it.

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WARNING: Bad guys are using @80-20.net to sell Viagra & other
drugs; @80-20.info to scam money. We will find & prosecute them.