Monday, October 27, 2003

A Political Icon's View on 80-20's BLOC VOTE Idea

David Broder of The Washington Post is probably the most
respected political columnist in America. Want to test your political
judgment of a bloc vote against his? Choose one of the answers
below and scroll down for David Broder's view.

David Broder's statement about an immigrant group forming a
bloc vote is that :
a) a bloc vote should be made unconstitutional
b) a bloc vote is an extremist position
c) a bloc vote should at least be frowned upon by good citizens
d) a bloc vote is a necessary evil useful for new immigrant groups
e) a bloc vote is one of the glories of American life.

Scroll down for the answer!

Surprise!? The answer is e). It's another evidence that 80-20 has a
deep understanding of our political system. See excerpts from Broder:

nationally syndicated

"What happened here last weekend when about 300 Arab Americans
from all parts of the country gathered in this Detroit suburb was
another chapter in one of the unnoticed glories of American
life -- the entry of yet another immigrant group into the
mainstream of the nation's politics

With the chairman of President Bush's reelection campaign
and virtually all the Democratic presidential hopefuls
journeying here .... , Zogby said, "We have come a long,
long way" -- and almost all of the journey occurred in two decades.

... but in politics, the ruthless mathematics of elections -- the
simple fact that every vote counts as much as every other ... That
is how the Irish, the Italians, the Poles and other 19th-century
became mayors and congressmen often replacing
Yankees in those posts. "

For the entire article, go .


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