Tuesday, November 25, 2003

80-20 Hiring Another Full-Time Assistant

80-20 is looking for another full-time Special Assistant. ONLY

Pay Range: From $30 to $40K, depending on qualification &
experience. Some benefit is provided..

(1) A US citizen or Permanent Resident, residing in California (LA and
SF preferred) or willing to relocate to those two cities,
(2) Computer skills (e-mail, spreadsheet & html),
(3) Good in verbal skills,
(4) Ability to speak either Chinese or Korean or Vietnamese is
preferred, and
(5) Media experience is considered a plus.

Major responsibilities:
(1) To reach out to Asian American communities, particularly the
Indian Am., Korean Am. and Vietnamese Am. communities,
(2) To surf Internet doing research in topics of interest to the
President and/or Executive Director of 80-20,
(3) To recruit Members for 80-20,
(4) To assist in making TV, radio and newspaper ads in Korean,
Vietnamese and Chinese languages and placing the ads with
respective stations and papers, and
(5) To help organizing political events & fundraisers.

Please send an essay of 250 words or less describing why you
choose to apply for such a tough job in the public service area.
Include a resume, complete with three references, to S. B. Woo via
sbw@udel.edu .

This is a very demanding job. Whenever a political challenge
rises, whether it is in the evening or during a weekend, we rise to
meet the challenge. In 2004, the challenges will be even stiffer.

1. Want to see who are 80-20’s Life Members & generous donors? Go
www.80-20.initiative.net & click on "Life Members/Donors List"
2. If you are a member, please see if there is a special note next to
your name. Go http://www.8020initiative.net/memberlist2003.html
It means we more info. from you. Go to the top of webpage to decode
the special note.