Wednesday, May 01, 2002

80-20 Provides A Much-Needed Community Service

80-20 will add a much-needed community service. It'll help APA candidates who come under racist attacks. Two such attacks occurred in this year's primary contests in CA. 80-20 shall help the attacked candidates with its powerful e-mail list
and up to $10,000 of funding
immediately. More funding is possible but will require approval by 80-20's Steering Comm. on a case-by-case basis. Here is why such a service is necessary and effective.

1) Are there examples of racist attacks on APA candidates?

Yes. Just this year, there were two alleged racist attacks on APA candidates running in California's primaries. One alleged attack was on Alice Lai-Bitker who is running for County Board of Supervisors in Alameda County. Her opponent Ralph ppezzato, a Caucasian, sent out campaign materials asking "What color is your supervisor?" and "Is it us or them?" Alice will be in a runoff with Ralph Appezzato this
coming November. Another alleged case involved Christopher Gabaldon, a Filipino Am. candidate running for State Assembly in CA's 18th District. Allegedly, his opponent insinuated that Gabaldon took money coming from the Philippines. Perhaps as a result of the insinuation, Gabaldon lost in the primary.

2) Why not let the APA candidates defend themselves?

It's difficult for APA candidates under racist attacks to defend themselves, because voters expect them to say that the attackers are wrong. If neutral bodies such as the mainstream media and 80-20 come to their defense, voters are much more likely to listen and vote against the racist attackers.

3) Why does 80-20 propose such a policy NOW?

Racist attacks on APA political candidates are expected to increase significantly, because more APAs are running for offices and the importance of the offices they seek are increasing.

4) Can you tell me about 80-20's policy in more detail?

First, the attacked candidate must file a request with 80-20 to investigate the alleged racist attack. In other words, 80-20 stays out unless a candidate asks for help.

If a written request is filed and if 80-20's findings support the allegations, then 80-20 will provided help. The degree of support depends on the flagrancy of the racist attacks.

In a clearly racist attack, 80-20 will use all within its power to defeat the racist candidate. 80-20's measures includes using its considerable ability to communicate quickly with 430,000 APA supporters and the mainstream media on behalf of the attacked candidate. It may also spend immediately up to $10,000 to support the attacked APA candidate or punish his/her racist opponent. Expenditure beyond $10,000 will require explicit approval by 80-20's Steering Committee in a case-by-case basis.

The worst racist attacks are normally mounted a day or two before the election so as to deny the APA candidate a chance to point out the racist nature of the attack to voters and to prevent outraged but previously uninvolved entities like the media and 80-20 from joining the fight against racism. 80-20 therefore resolves that, should a politician win the election by such devious means, 80-20 will target to defeat that politician in his/her next election.

Racist attacks are normally designed by high-priced political consultants, though it requires approval of the candidates to implement the attack. 80-20 aims to widely publicize the names of such unprincipled political consultants with the aim to drive them and their firms out of the political consultation business.

5) Will 80-20's policy stop racist attacks permanently?

Yes. When politicians and their consultants find out that a racial attack on any APA candidate anywhere will mean an invitation for 80-20 to come in and help defeat them in either this or the next election, then such attacks will stop. However, it
will take a few election cycles for the dire consequences of such attacks to get around in the political world.

The resolution, in its original wording, is available at: (END)

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