Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Solid Proof That Unity Is Power

Since YOU've kept faith with political self-empowerment, since YOU choose to invest in 80-20, 80-20 has achieved greatly for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN in a short 3 years. For evidence, please see a table at: http://www.80-20initiative.net/unity1.html

The user-friendly table lists 80-20's major achievements to date. It lists, for each event, the date 80-20 stepped up and called for action and the date when the result was achieved. Those ahcievements include:

1. Asking Abercrombie & Fitch to withdraw the derogatory T-shirts.

2. Inducing Seattle Times to take a serious look at the "American outshines Kwan ..." headline and give a sincere apology.

TRFR: Two days

3. To appeal to APAs to display flags on nat'l holidays such as July
4th in order to gradually erase the "perpetual foreigners" image.

TRFR: Response from many APA community was immediate.

The "seas of flags" resulted in huge amount of positive coverage from mainstream media, including NY Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Plain Dealer - Ohio, Newsweek Magazine (Web version), San Jose Mercury Times, Sacramento Bees, ABC, Philadelphia, NBC, NY KRON/NBC, SF, KCRA/ NBC Sacramento, FOX TV, Houston, WOR TV, NY, Nat'l Public Radio - N. CA.

4. To urge President-elect Bush to appointment APAs to his cabinet.

TRFR: Two days

5. To demand that the Republican Party take the infamous "daisy TV ad," which perpetrated "yellow peril" fear mongering, off the air.

TRFR: One day

6. To forge a bloc vote in the presidential election of 2000.

TRFR: 2 years. (According to a poll partially sponsored by the Nat'l Science foundation: Nationally, APAs voted 66 to 32 for Gore and in California,
voted 70.25 to 18.25 for Gore whom 80-20 endorsed.)

See how closely the two dates -- the dates when 80-20 called for action and the dates when the results were achieved -- correlated. Is this close correlation a mere coincidence, or a clear indication of 80-20's effectiveness?
You be the judge .

Please go read the table, which also provides why 80-20 called for each
action and the methodology used by 80-20 to induce the desired esult.

If you are NOT a member yet, join 1300 other
APAs who have stepped forth to do their share.

1. Basic (1 vote) -- $35
2. Family (for couples only, 2 votes) -- $50
3. Life** -- $1000
4. Family life** (couples only, 2 votes) -- $1,500
5. Honorary Life** -- $5,000
6. Honorary Family** (couples only, 2 votes) -- $10,000

** Membership names in permanent display on 80-20's web site.
See http://www.80-20initiative.net/members.html .

Any US citizen or permanent resident can be a member TODAY using a credit
card, visit http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership.html .

PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:

Professor Chun Wa Wong
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