Monday, July 13, 2020

Learning Politics to Win Our Rights (II)

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Why Will Dems always favor 
blacks and Hispanics way above AsAms?  

Please see the huge differences, shown below, between blacks & AsAms in "% share of vote" and "the size of bloc vote".

Blacks have a 12% national vote share and have voted 9 to 1 for every Dem. presidential candidate, DPC, for decades. Hispanics have an 11% national vote share and have recently voted 6 to 4 for DPC. AsAms have a 3% national vote share and have enlarged their bloc vote to 7 to 3 for those presidential candidates who gave written satisfactory promises to help us achieve equal opportunity. 

How Are We To Improve Our Destiny?

Just learn from the Jewish American community. Its population is only 1/3 that of the AsAm community. Look how politically powerful that community is! 

There is no secret to the Jewish success. That community has an NGO organization called American Israel Public Affairs CommitteeAIPACwhich is the key to its political power. AIPAC has the political know-how, and is extremely well funded - about $60 million in annual expenditure and $70 million in endowment. If our AsAm community had one single PAC that can afford an annual budget of 1/100 that amount, or $600k, then we'll begin seeing significant improvement in our political clout.

Will More Political Contributions to Pres. Candidates Help?

NO! Think what campaign money is for. It is to win votes. Let's say AsAms will contribute $20 million to a presidential candidate. It will only be 2% of the total campaign funds needed e.g. Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 billion in 20162% of the campaign fund pales when compared with what blacks do for a Dem. presidential candidate, which is to provide 20% or more of the total votes needed to win. 

Understand American politics! One day, enough people will realize that their money would be much better spent, when they donated it to 80-20 than to presidential candidates. Our community needs an organization, that understands politics and is well funded, to lead. That's how the Jewish did it.
How Hard Should We Try to Avoid Conflict With Other Minorities?

We should try to have good relations with all components of our nation. However, when some California AsAm elected state officials used "avoiding conflict with blacks and Hispanics" to vote for ACA-5, that was ridiculous!

Think! Did these AsAm elected officials use racial harmony as a reason to persuade their African American colleague NOT to introduce ACA-5? Why did they only haul it out as a reason to vote for ACA-5? 

80-20 led a successful campaign against SCA-5 six years ago. We didn't get any flak from black and/or Hispanic officials. We didn't get complaints from NAACP and La Raza either. 

In stating the above, is 80-20 being irresponsible or too harsh on some of these AsAm elected officials? No! 80-20 is describing the time-honored American political tradition - the elected officials are required to do their best to defend the interests of those who elected them, EVEN when such interests may NOT be in accord with the best interest of the nation. Examples? Congressional delegates of all 50 states are expected to fiercely oppose the elimination of obsolete military bases and wasteful federal programs from their own states, otherwise they face voter retaliation in the next election. That is the American political norm.

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Asian American Empowerment PAC,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)