Thursday, November 21, 2013

White House Petition vs. Self Reliance

   Did the White House (WH) petition go over 100,000 signatures? Did the WH do anything? Did you have high hopes in the WH petition?

   What did we learn? Rely on others or ourselves?

   Did 80-20 urge you to sign the White House petition? NO!   Why didn't 80-20 support the WH petition?  80-20 didn't think the WH could do much,* because we knew:

 (1) The US Constitution prohibits our government from interfering with private industries unless a law has been violated, and
(2) In the US, media is NOT beholden to the WH. It is the other way around.

   S. B. repeatedly told his colleagues and supporters that he had hoped that the WH petition would reach the required limit of 100,000 signatures. He said, "Then, we may finally learn the importance of SELF RELIANCE."

   Now, let's review what OUR OWN efforts have brought:

  [A] In 2 hours, 80-20 induced ABC to delete the offensive video segment. In addition, after 2.5 days of quiet negotiation away from the public glare, ABC was induced to send a written "sincere apology," signed by ABC executives, to 80-20. It is for 80-20 to convey that "sincere apology" to all people of Chinese descent worldwide. ABC also offered to have Kimmel verbally apologize to 80-20 on the phone, which 80-20 declined.  Click here to verify.

  [B] After ABC sent the apology to 80-20, a segment of our community was not satisfied. In two weeks, they organized demonstrations in many cities. The demonstrators got repeated verbal apologies from J. Kimmel. Kimmel promised to stop the "kids table" segment and ABC issued a press release, not signed by anyone, that is a stronger apology than the one 80-20 had received.

   Conclusion:   RELY ON OURSELVES.


   If you agree, donate to 80-20 EF's Self Empowerment Long-tern Fund,


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If 80-20 fails to raise the minimal Empowering amount of $1 million/yr. for 5 years, your donation will be REFUNDED in full. If 80-20 succeeds, the benefits you & your offspring will receive will be many times the monetary value of your donation.

   SELF RELIANCE!!!  Click here to donate.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Political Action Committee

*80-20 has organized 2 petitions to President Obama, both were regarding matters directly under President Obama's authority. The President is the most powerful person. But we must take care of some things ourselves! Donate.