Monday, November 04, 2013

ABC/Kimmel; Abercrombie; Tripling US Judges; Stopping GOP Ad

      ABC/Kimmel; Abercrombie; Tripling US Judges; Stopping a GOP Election time TV Ad

   The first 3 are well-known events, the last is not, but perhaps more important. Success has a thousand fathers, we again sincerely thank all who have helped in each event. However, without exaggeration, 80-20 PAC has been the primary factor in bringing success to each episode.

                 ABC/Jimmy Kimmel: "Kill all Chinese"

   Not much description is needed for this recent event. 80-20 PAC was the first to get ABC to verbally apologize and only one* to get a written public apology from ABC's high-level executives. Other efforts & demonstrations brought verbal apologies from Jimmy Kimmel both on air and before demonstrators. We thank them.

   For those who speak Chinese, see a 4-minute CCTV report on the role of 80-20 in the ABC/Kimmel episode. Meet S.B. Woo please. :-)

     4 T-shirts by Abercrombie-Fitch (A&F) Demeaning AsAms

   In Spring 2002, A&F put out a line of 4 T-shirts with derogatory portrayals of Asians. One T-shirt depicted an Asian with slanted eyes & a conical hat. Another T-shirt, with two Asian men at "Wong Brothers Laundry Service," carried the logo: ``Two Wongs Can Make It White.''

   Students called & emailed A&F to protest. They also demonstrated in front of A&F stores for weeks without satisfaction. Many asked 80-20 to help. On 4/18/02, 80-20 PAC president S. B. Woo called A&F Chairman and CEO Michael Jeffries. About 2 hours later, Mr. Seth Johnson, A&F CFO, called to inform Woo that the 4 T-shirt would be withdrawn that day. In addition, A&F would issue a press release to Associated Press announcing the decision later that day. For details, click here.

               Tripling AsAm Life-tenured Federal Judges

   In 2008, 80-20 PAC induced ALL** Democratic presidential candidates to promise giving top priority to increase Asian Am federal life-tenured judges, if elected. At the time, there were only 8 Asian Am District Court judges, and zero Circuit Court judges. Since taking office, President Obama has increased the number of AsAm District Court judges to 21. The number of Circuit Court judges, a higher rank, increased from 0 to 4. To see the increases of AsAm federal judges over the years, click here.

     Stopped GOP's "Daisy" TV Ad, which fanned "Yellow Peril"

   When it comes to a matter of extreme importance, 80-20 can be effective with the Republican Party also. They respect 80-20's fierce determination.

   In the 2000 election, a Republican TV ad showed a supposed nuclear bomb from China hitting the US. It outrageously fanned the fear & hatred of people of Chinese descent. 80-20 president S. B. Woo called the Chair of the Republican National Committee and demanded stoppage, although not a single Chinese Am. org. was willing to join 80-20 in this action. Nevertheless, the ad was withdrawn the next day. To find out what a "Daisy" TV ad is, click here .

   Together, we Can do it! Rely on ourselves. Here is how!

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation

*ABC also sent a letter of apology to The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles
** 80-20 also contacted ALL Republican presidential candidates & tried to induce them. But in 2008, none responded. Indeed, none had ever responded in any of the presidential elections. Be patient. They will respond enthusiastically in the near future! Time is with us.