Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Can you add a brick to this great AsAm building project?

   We can't just REACT, as we did in the Jimmy Kimmel episode. We must be PROACTIVE and build our community's clout.

   TODAY, a day before Thanksgiving, 3 educators urge you to help build our community up by adding your one brick.

                                   About the Authors

   One is an Indian Am. Ved Chaudhary is an educator and past Charter Trustee of Rutgers University, NJ. Two are Chinese Ams. Both are members of the US National Academy of Engineering, & the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chenming Hu is also known as the father of 3-Dimensional transistors, being manufactured by Intel. Larry Ho is one of the few retired Harvard professors who had held two endowed chairs at the same time!

Please consider their words of wisdom and contribute your ONE brick.

   Subject: Can you add a brick to this great AsAm building project?

   Asian Americans' impact is already profound throughout this great nation, whether in academia, industry, entertainment, or politics. While we are grateful to our adopted country, we must remember that every weak 
minority is at risk of mistreatment. This has been made amply clear by history.

   The SELF (Self Empowerment Long term Fund) project builds community power and defense for rights of the Asian Americans. Many have already contributed generously to the cause. To see it, click here.

   To DONATE, as the 3 of us have done, click here .

   We call upon you to join us in this great community building project to allow members of our community to enjoy all the opportunities and protections that our nation offers.

   Together, we will make a difference for ourselves and our children.
Most sincerely,
Ved P. Chaudhary, Chenming Hu, and Larry Yu-Chi Ho
PS: Pls. FORWARD to your friends.