Monday, November 12, 2012

More Election-Related Great News

[A] A BIGGER bloc vote than Hispanics continued:

   LA Times also reported:

"Much has been made of the Latino vote and its crucial role in boosting President Obama to victory, but it was Asian Americans who made the most dramatic shift in support for the president Tuesday." Go,0,2086805.story . Earlier, 80-0 reported to you similar coverage from CNN, all major channels, NPR/PBS, Politico and Bloomberg News.

   Why is a BIGGER bloc vote by Asian Ams such a big deal?

   Answer: "People in the know" know that once a minority acquires the political maturity to deliver a BIG bloc vote, it is on its way to become an equal partner in USA. Both Democrats & Republicans will compete to address our rightful concerns, provided that there is adequate political leadership within the Asian Am. community!

   WHO BUT 80-20 PREACHED AN ASIAN AM. BLOC VOTE! No other individuals and/or organizations did.

   Join 80-20. Go to . You owe it to yourself and your children. Your membership is good for 365 days.

[B] FEEDBACK from our ASTUTE readers on BLOC VOTE:

(1) "Awesome!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. The Asian-Am community has needed an organization like yours for a long, long time (I'm 50 years old). "         Edwin Hom, Senior Litigation Counsel, NJ

(2) "Good job. We should enhance our block-vote power further via education. I would pledge $1000.00 to the education division of 80-20 for educational effort to raise the goal of "80-20" to "90-10". I think we Asian-Am Can."               Phil Choong

(S.B's reply: "Phil, Watch out for the next 80-20 EF e-newsletter. It'll show the huge POWER of a 90-10 bloc vote as compared with that of an 80-20.)

(3) "I would like to make a comment about the Asian bloc - we have just started to realize our potential. David Brooks, NYTimes columnist, and Jeffery Brown on PBS all brought up statistics that included the Asian vote. "                Karen B Chang

(4) "Hello SB, that's a great argument. You're right."         Kam Leung

(5) "Just saw this piece of news. Unite we shall overcome! Titled:" "Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans."               Hong Tang

(6) "WE WON! - I'm not just cheering for President Obama, I'm also cheering for the show of power o 57f5 f AsAms: We won by showing our collective political power that no one can ignore any more! . . . Now let's use this earned power to press for our equal rights - in university campuses, in corporate offices, in federal court offices, in local governments, in military bases, ... and more!"            Yue

(7)"That is a great news. Glad that Asians finally care about politics. Congratulations to your hard work."              Mary Kuo

(8) "Congratulations on your good work. In case you have not seen this in the LA Times today."              Frederic and Julia Wan

(9)"The best analysis ever ... Nobel Prize in (Political) Economics. " K.P. Chen        (K.P. Chen is talking about PAC's last e-newsletter showing how our bloc vote could have delivered VA and FL to Romney)

   Space limits 80-20 from using all comments on bloc vote. Sorry!

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