Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where discrimination is the fieriest; Good news

                       Where discrimination is the fieriest
   Discrimination is ALWAYS the fieriest where the GOOD JOBS are. The following research results, published by Prof. Marlene Kim, U. of Mass, Boston clearly demonstrates it.

   In less desirable jobs, Asian Ams may even be preferred because we are deemed smart and hardworking. However, when the job gets better and better, the persons who do the firing and hiring will discriminate against us more and more because we are deemed timid and powerless.

   Take a good look at the table shown below, and decide if you and your children will NEED an organization like the 80-20.

            Please Forward this E-newsletter To Your Young Friends
   You might see from the above that 80-20's intense focus on glass ceiling strongly indicates what it is doing. Please forward this e-newsletter to your young Asian Am. friends that that they don't sense discrimination.
Could the combination of the level of their jobs and their competence and work ethics be such that they've NOT YET seen discrimination?

   Discrimination and prejudice are human nature. To eliminate or reduce such injustice always requires a combination of power balance & enlightenment.

Asian Ams have not worked hard enough to produce that ciritical power balance.

                                                Good News
(1) 80-20's membership broke the 3,000 ceiling -- 40% above its record membership of 2150 set in 2005.

(2) "My three children Scott, Jessica, and Benjamin have joined the 80-20 as student members. I hope 80-20 will grow.        Patrick Cheung" MY! If only every parent will do that 80-20 will live!

(3) Three noble individuals joined as Life Members in the last week. They didn't say a word to 80-20. But the message is DEAFENING!

(4) 80-20 averaged 20 new members a day over the last 2 days. If that keeps up, 80-20 will live. ☺ ☺

   To join, using a credit card, click on . Or
send your check to    80-20 PAC    13337 South St. #189    Cerritos, CA 90703. 

Basic $35; Family 
$50; Student $15; Life Member $1,000.


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A annonymous couple, San Jose, CA: $1,500
Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, Pasadena, CA: $1,000