Friday, November 04, 2011

80-20 talks to Presidential Candidates

(A) The Presidential Election Has Begun. Who But 80-20 Fights For YOU at That Level?

o 80-20 will begin corresponding with presidential candidates for YOU on
Nov. 10. See excerpts of its letter to all candidates.

o A similar effort in 2008, obtained the commitments of President Obama, VP Biden and Sec. of State Clinton. See document at the end of this e-newsletter.

Such commitments resulted in the

o doubling of life-tenured Asian Am. Federal judges

o significant breaking of the glass ceiling against Asian Ams in higher ed

o the beginning of the similar breaks in private industries;

o the pending break of the glass ceiling against Asian Ams in state/local

(B) Will such Progress Continue if 80-20 Dies?

80-20 hopes so. Knowing how pragmatic politicians are, 80-20 fears that it'll stop.

(C) Why Doesn't 80-20 Continue in spite of a Small Membership?

80-20 is NOT omnipotent. It derives its power from YOU. The larger its membership, the more effective 80-20 will be in speaking for YOU before the presidential candidates. With less than 3,000 members in a community of 15 million, 80-20 will likely fail even when it tries this year.

In contrast, when 80-20 can double its membership within a year simply because it calls for it. it stirs the imagination of all presidential candidates to YOUR benefit. Politics like the real world works on "hopes and fears."

When you make 80-20 look good, you help YOURSELVES.

If YOU want continued progress, YOU must do

(E) Join! Otherwise, YOU'll soon be on YOUR Own.

Using a credit card, go to .

Or send 
your check to
80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 &n 213 bsp; Cerritos, CA 90703. 

There is a matching fund of $3,000 for dues of anyone joining. Basic $35;
$50; Student $15; Life Member $1,000.


S. B. Woo, who has volunteered for 12 years to 80-20 and donated $100,000 

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