Friday, November 25, 2011

Feedback to Swan Song; Prominent Supporters

Why are so few Asian Ams willing to serve as the President of 80-20 PAC? Take a look at the feedback to SB at the end of his terms.

He does NOT deserve any of the compliments shown below. The feedback are to show that fighting for our community has its rich reward -- the kind that MONEY & POWER CAN'T BUY.

Huge amount of emails poured in. The usual "thank you for your services" type are as deeply appreciated as the un-common ones. To increase readers' interest, however, only the un-usual ones are selected for publication below. ☺ ☺

1a) "I have never met you but believe you have been the single greatest
national leader in the Asian American political movement." Stan Sue
1b) "I met you in person at an event in Lafayette, California, a few months
ago. You have inspired me. Please note that I have decided to continue
your fight for our rights in my life." Jack Duan, Founder & CEO, Gliding
Eagle Inc.

2) "You are a pioneer of our community. Thanks." Manlan Liu

3 "Your devotion to this organization is unbelievable." Achamma Chandersekaran

4) "Usually, it's an email similar to yours, and coming from family members
( and friends who are like family) that naturally allow tears to drip from my
eyes due to emotions deeply felt..... your email message did...and so whether
you like it or not, to me you are family/friend. … " M. Donato
(What an honor for me - Note added by S.B. Woo)

5) "Even though my family lives in Singapore, we very much appreciate
what you have on our behalf. You are our hero!" Chenyang Li

6) "… Your letter is both eloquent and clear, very valuable advice to all of
us." P. W. Chen

7) "May 4th Movement ... the immediate goal of appeal is not yet visibly
successful, but the aspiration it evokes later translates into many
(different) avenues of (further specialized) pursuits." K.P. Chen

8a) "We appreciate all your effort to the cause. I wish I am 20 years
younger to work with you." William Tao
8b) "I'm 82 and soon to be 83 years old in February and have volunteered
for Military Surviving Spouses for over 30 years." Rose Lee

9) "We have seen S.B.Woo's great effort in serving Asian American for long time. We feel fortune having people like him who struggle so actively for all of us while most of us do little for ourselves." Longyuan Mei

10) "SB Woo is the Martin Luther King of the Asian-Am. 6225 community and deserves the heartfelt thanks of all of us!" Betty Tomita

Prominent 80-20 Supporters Are Speaking Up for 80-20

Dean Lee (retired), formerly Chief Representative in China, Occidental Petroleum Corporation; President of Hercules China, Inc., sent an email to a long list of friends, urging them to support 80-20. Gareth Chang, formerly Executive Chairman of Star TV, Board member of Apple, and Executive Vice President of Hughes responded to support Dean's appeal.

Dean wrote: "Please excuse me for sending this message to you. I am an
Honorary Life Member of this 80-20 organization. I do think that 80-20
played a role in the appointment of so many Asians to cabinet positions
and other high-level positions under the Obama administration. . . .
With China and US in a sensitive relationship in commerce and world
politics as friendly strategic partners and competitors, we need to support
80-20 as one of the many organizations to speak out for Asians especially
for Chinese Americans. After all, this great nation passed Chinese
Exclusion Act and interned Japanese in the past. We shall do as much to
ensure that history shall not repeat again. Be mindful of the many
occasions that China was cast as the scapegoat of the problems of US
employment in many of the campaign speeches."

Gareth responded, "Dean: Thanks for the positive words for 80-20.
I have been a believer and strong supporter of the bi-partisan 80-20 and
SB Woo for a long time. Not only I am a founding member, but also served
as Chairman of national fund raising committee a few years ago.
. . . only through active political action that we can change the rules of
society, correct injustice and misperception toward our place of equal
opportunity and treatment in America. . . "

Join 80-20. Using a credit card, go to . Or
send your check to 80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 Cerritos, CA 90703. 

Basic $35; Family 
$50; Student $15; Life Member $1,000.


See a 5-minute Video about 80-20

ANNOUCEMENT of 80-20's Board Election Results:

Please welcome our new Board Members serving in 2012 & 2013

Haibo Huang (California) Yes=809 (=90.59 %),

Ruth Chang (New Jersey) Yes=794 (=88.91 %);

Edward Lin (Florida) - incumbent Yes=769 (=86.11 %);

Yin-Long Qiu (Michigan) Yes=769 (=86.11 %), and

Vivek Swaroop (Florida) Yes=645 (=72.23 %).