Monday, February 14, 2011

Ted Lieu/ AsAm Students/ 80-20 News

1) Help Ted Lieu Gain 50.1% in CA's 28th Senate Race

When? Tomorrow, Feb. 15 (Tuesday)
Who can vote? Dems and GOPs living in Marina del 
Rey along
the coast through Torrance including a small sliver
of Long 
Why? Ted is a seasoned CA political leader and an 80-20 Life Member
Prediction: He'll win. But! Will he win by 50% plus 1 vote to avoid
a runoff. YOU can help. If not a voter, forward this email
to a friend who lives in that area. See "who can vote"

2) AsAm students! Dell Fellowship -- If you are good, you'll get it.

Who may apply? Any undergrad. & grad. student
How much? $5,000 per student per year
Aimed at? Students interested in high tech and policy
Deadline? Tomorrow, Feb. 15 (Tuesday)
How to apply? Go & follow instructions

3) Structural Improvement in 80-20

What? Two more vice presidents were added.
Why? To lesson the work load of 80-20's president in order to
attract really qualified future presidents.
Who? VP for Chapter Development, Yueh-ting Lee, and
VP for Communication Technology, Munsup Seoh

A volunteer