Wednesday, February 23, 2011

President of AAAS Decries Disparity Facing AsAm Scientists

President of American Association for the Advancement of Science
(AAAS), which is the world's large science organization, Alice Huang,
decries disparity facing Asian American scientists. There were 1500
people in the audience during her Presidential Address. Many were
policy makers, media reporters and science leaders.

Alice Huang, also 80-20 Board member for many years, said
"A striking finding in recent data is that Asian Americans in
fields such as science "stand now as having the lowest chance
of success in rising to the management level, despite their
education and notable achievement." She urges science leaders
to study the reasons for this phenomenon and "do something
that narrows the disparity."

Alice is now the Chair of AAAS's Board.

Chenming Hu, another 80-20 Board Member, will also speak out on
that topic, when he'll receive the "Life Time Achievement" award at
the Asian American Engineer of the Year award event. Chenming is
the Distinguished Chair professor of electrical engineering at University of
California, Berkeley. He has received numerous internationally renowned
awards in electrical engineering.

Ted Lieu, another 80-20 EF Board Member, is now Senator Lieu of CA's
28th Senate District.
Instead of "50% + 1 vote," he got 57% of the vote.

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