Thursday, September 10, 2009

YOUR view on Health Care Reform?

Take a 15 second poll on Health Care Reform!

Can your views on BIG national issues like the Health Care Reform and Immigration Reform (possibly next year) ever be heard? YES, so long as 80-20 PAC is around. 80-20 will use its political know-how to get your voice heard, IF there is intense interest and a strong consensus within our community. Then you and 80-20 will together make history again.


It'll take 15 seconds only. Do NOT answer to this email. It'll NOT count. You must go the survey site to formally enter your views.

It is an OPEN survey. Please encourage Asian Ams who share your view to take this survey also. Go NOW. Together we'll make history again. [Note: A poll participant's choices are NOT identified with the participant's name. They only add to the statistics.]

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20PAC, Inc.