Thursday, September 03, 2009

Don't Let Your Vote Go to Waste!

In November 2008, you did it! Because you united behind 80-20 and helped elect Barack Obama, our community is a giant step closer to achieving equal opportunity in the workplace and equal justice.

During the campaign, then Senator Obama made an iron-clad promise to increase the appointment of qualified Asian American judges in the Federal judiciary, and enforce Executive Order 11246.

YOU helped swing former red states to blue states, including North Carolina, where the number of Asian American voters was three times the margin of Obama’s victory over McCain. (See our last e-mail: 2 HAPPY News Items at:

Because of YOUR hard work as a united community, 3 Asian American cabinet secretaries were appointed, and President Obama has started fulfilling one of his iron-clad promises by recently nominating 3 Asian American judges (there are only 8 AsAm judges so far).

But, important goals remain for our community. Asian Americans remain underrepresented in the Federal judiciary. A low glass ceiling still hangs over us; E.O. 11246 remains unenforced for Asian Americans.

We can achieve these goals if we continue building our community’s permanent group political clout. To do that, help 80-20 achieve a historic membership record. We just need 100 more dues-paying members in each of the next four months. By joining 80-20 now, you can help make history!

Don’t let all your previous hard work during the election go to waste! Help build that permanent group political clout for our community. Please join 80-20. Visit Or send a check to 80-20 PAC, PO Box 22509, Philadelphia, PA 19110. 
80-20 gets paid double for NEW members, owing to a matching fund of $3,500. Thank you,

Jing-Li Yu.
80-20 Initiative,
Former full-time staff for 80-20 (2002-2006) and current volunteer Treasurer (since 2007), and 3rd-year law student at the University of Chicago.

Announcements by 80-20:
1) The above is the 1st attempt by Jing-Li at an e-newsletter. Please support him!
2) Two New Life Members: Albert Wang (Fremont, CA) and Suzanna Lin (Osprey, Fl)
3) 80-20 sets another historic record of highest membership as of the end of August. 5 consecutive monthly records were set in tough economic times. It reflects the quality of Asian Ams. in tough times.