Monday, September 21, 2009

A very short email

Will you help please?

The world of politics depends on clout. Clout comes with having more
members. To help YOU win FULL citizenship, 80-20 needs more members.

I've pledged to donate $3,500 to 80-20 for 100 NEW members. We now
need only 49 more NEW members and 80-20 will get my pledged $3,500.
So your $35 membership fee may leverage 100 times that amount for 80-

JOIN 80-20 NOW. Using a credit card, go . Or send a
check to "80-20 PAC" PO Box 22509 Philadelphia, PA 19110.

Counting on YOU. Please help me to help YOUR CHILDREN.

S. B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer for 80-20 for the last 10 years & donated
close to $100,000 to 80-20.)