Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pres. Obama's promise

YOU've seen the following table 2 weeks ago. Now a breakthrough!
Soon, the [8 +(0)] in column 2 above will be [9 + (0)] i.e. 9 Asian Am. federal District judges! Pres. Obama has delivered the first of many Asian Am federal judges that he has promised to YOU through 80-20. We thank Pres. Obama.

Judge Jacqueline Nguyen, currently a Superior Court Judge for the County of Los Angeles, has been nominated by Pres. Obama to be a US District Judge for the Central district of CA. She is yet to be confirmed, though 80-20 does not anticipate difficulty.

Whose credit is this? "Success has a thousand fathers." If the Asian American community is to unite, all community leaders need to have the capacity to positively affirm the contribution of many other Asian Am. orgs. in almost every success that comes our way. 80-20 wants to thank all Asian Am orgs, including NAPABA, which have worked on the issue of the paucity of Asian Am.federal judges. Let's work together to maximize benefits for our community.

A Congressperson Is An 80-20 Member

80-20 now has a Congressperson as one of its dues-paying members, thanks to YOU who helped Judy Chu win her election. Don't be too elated, however. In comparison, The American Israel public Affairs Comm. (AIPAC) has about 50% of the senators and representatives as its members.

Another Historic Membership Month

In July, 80-20 has another month of highest membership in its history.

Do your share to help your own destiny

Join 80-20. This will be the best investment you've ever made. Can you afford $35/$50 per year for your children's equal citizenship? 80-20 is the ONLY Asian Am. NGO working for you on the political front. You've seen how hard we've worked and how effective we have been. Visit http://www.80-20initiative.net. We need NEW members, that probably means YOU. Thank you.