Monday, August 24, 2009

80-20's Life

THREE vital factors enable 80-20 to serve you effectively:

1) A huge email list (Unfortunately, decreasing in size! ),
2) About 2,000 members (May set a record high this yr. More later)
3) The quality and dedication of its Board (The best in 80-20's history)

Just when we need to inform more and more Asian Ams. about a final push to become equal citizens, our email list has become smaller and smaller -- a decrease of 10 to 15% each year in the last few years, owing to a combination of e-addresses becoming obsolete and laws prohibiting traditional ways to find new e-addresses.

Obviously, we need to, TOGETHER, boost the size of the e-mail list -- a cyberspace organization's life !

We, the undersigned members of the Board, jointly appeal to you to help RECOVER & ENLARGE our email list. YOU can help in two ways:

a) E-mail the following info. about 80-20 to Asian Ams who care about the future of our community, while copying in 80-20 via Modify the suggested version, as you see fit.

"80-20 is a national, Pan-Asian, non-partisan political organization that is very effective in serving our community's needs. Please consider receiving its e-newsletters. I've known this org. for years. I highly recommend it. Upon receiving 80-20's e-newsletters, if you don't like it, you can unsubscribe easily. 80-20 does not abuse its email list.

Your friend,
(yyyyy -- your name)"

b) Just email us your friends' e-mail addresses. 80-20 shall invite the owners of those e-addresses to get on our e-mail list.

If you value 80-20's services to our community, then please help feed us our life - email addresses. Do step a) or b) NOW!

A little gusture from you will help win equal citizenship for 14 million Asian Americans, including you and your offspring.

Sincerely yours (titles are for identification purposes only),

Fel Amistad, San Mateo County Commissioner; Analyst (Finance)
Dr. Beverly Hong-Fincher
, Linguistics; currently teaching at the Univ. of the District of Columbia
Dr. Laura Hsu
, retired university administrator
Dr. Chenming Hu
, Distinguished Chair Professor, Univ. of CA, Berkeley; US National Academy of Engineering; Chinese Academy of sciences; Academia Sinica
Dr. Alice Huang
, President-elect, Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, retired professor, Harvard Medical School, retired Dean, NYU, Univ.; Administrator, Caltech
Frank Lee
, former President, Organization for Justice and Equality
Dr. Edward Lin
, CEO, Ingenious Technologies Corp, Co-Founder, Gulfcoast Chinese Am. Assoc.
Dr. Yuko Nakanishi
, MBA, Principal & President, Nakanishi Research & Consulting, LLC.
Linden Nishinaga
, Calif. licensed professional engineer & Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional
Dr. Roy Saigo
, Two university presidencies (Auburn Univ. & St. Cloud St. Univ)
Dr. Kim Song
, Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis
Lena Tam
, Vice Mayor, Alameda, CA; MPA, licensed Engineer
Kathleen To
, Honorary Texas Commercial Attache (1991-93); President & CEO, KATO Foundation
Joel Wong
, President, APAPA-Bay Area Chapter
Hon. S.B. Woo
, Lt. Governor of Delaware (85-89), retired Physics prof., U. of Del.
Dr. David Yang
, Associate Political Scientist, Rand Corporation
Jing-Li Yu
, 3rd yr. law student, Univ. of Chicago; Operation Director, 80-20 (05 -06)
Charles Zhang
, President and Managing Partner, Zhang Financial, the only advisor in the nation selected as a top advisor by BOTH Worth Magazine and Barron’s each year from 2004-2007.

PS WHENEVER you receive emails with many e-addresses apparently belonging to Asian Ams., please forward it to Make it a habit please. :)