Thursday, May 29, 2008

How faxing Sen. McCain will help YOU!‏

We all have jobs. We all want good jobs.

If you fax and help induce Sen. McCain to reply to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, after this election all of us will be treated equally in jobs. Result? In time, the number of Asian American

o managers in private industries and universities will DOUBLE, adding another 0.5 MILLION persons;

o federal employees in the Senior Executive Service will TRIPLE;

o Federal judges will increase by 8 FOLD.

All of the above will come to us by just being treated equally!

But what if McCain wins, WITHOUT replying all yeses? Our assured equal opportunity in workplace, as promised by Obama and Clinton, will VANISH.

Can we sit idly by & let it happen? No!

What can you do? Send a fax to Sen. McCain using (703) 413-0740. Copy me in, if you want please. Use your own words. Please include the following central message.

Dear Sen. McCain:

Please reply to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, as did Senators Obama and Clinton. Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Ams are key issues for me. Without your positive reply, I'll definitely vote for the Democratic nominee who has made iron-clad commitment to our community. However, with an equally strong reply from you, I'll consider your candidacy carefully and ask my friends and relatives to give you another look.

Name & Party Affiliation: (Specify a R or D or Indep.)
Title: (Optional. If used, specify "for Identification only").

What if we Sen. McCain doesn't reply affirmatively after all?
As required by 80-20's Bylaws, 80-20 shall hold an Endorsement Convention to endorse the presidential candidate who do share our rightful concerns!

One way or another, 80-20 will find a way so that you will be treated equally in workplaces.

As a group we can achieve dreams that are unachievable by any of us as an individual. FAX NOW.

Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC